Vita Bella Anti-Ageing Serum Review

VitaBellaAntiAgeingSerumVita Bella
Anti-Ageing Serum

Reviewed by Leoni Arbuckle

I was excited to review the Vita Bella Anti-Ageing Serum as I’m approaching my mid 30’s and those pesky lines have already started to etch around my eyes and forehead.

My first impression of the serum is that it looks very luxurious! The sage green packaging and crest looks sophisticated and expensive. And inside, the glass bottle holds 30ml of golden serum promising to diminish the signs of ageing and plump up those fine lines and wrinkles. Eager to try it out I quickly scanned for the instructions on the bottle to make sure I targeted the correct areas of my face. The font size and colour unfortunately loses impact against the bottle contents and I struggled to read the label easily but moving into better lighting I was ready to apply. After my normal beauty regime of cleansing and toning I reached for the serum. With one squirt of the top, the bottle dispensed a good size blob suitable for my forehead, eyes and lip contours. I did require a second squirt to cover my décolleté (or lower neck and chest area). As instructed I applied this and padded gently until absorbed. The fragrance is subtle and pleasant with an aroma of Aloe Vera and Argan oil. It absorbed quickly and left my skin soft. I then applied a moisturiser and headed for bed. The next morning was really a test of the product to see how it behaved under my makeup. Again I completed my beauty regime using the serum before my moisturiser. I then applied my make-up and was pleased to find that it did not negatively affect the application of foundation over the top. On the contrary it gave my skin a soft velvety canvas to work on.

After a few days of using the serum the fine lines around my eyes where I suffer from crow’s feet were softened and smoother. This was the most welcome of results as with two young children the eyes are showing my age. I have one deep line in my forehead which whilst I don’t expect to be reversed its reassuring to know I may be able to pause the ageing affect by plumping up the skin with daily use of the serum. Whilst it’s normal to apply a plethora of beauty products to my skin to clean, moisturise and cover imperfections it’s nice to know this product is full of natural goodness in the form of aloe leaf extract, Argan oil, wheat germ and hibiscus seed protein. After only a few days use this has been a simple and effective addition to my daily beauty regime and as the box states I am ‘staying beautiful naturally’.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: £49 (30ml)

For more information or to buy visit Vita Bella here.


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