Vahdam Teas Happy Halloween Gift Set Review


Reviewed by Melody Floyde

With summer starting to look like a distant memory and the signs of autumn already here, we’re heading towards Halloween. Halloween has become a much bigger event than it ever used to be and there are a vast array of gift options in the shops. One of these is the Happy Halloween Tea Gift Set from Vahdam Teas which I was delighted to be asked to review.

At this time of year I like nothing better than to snuggle up at home with a nice cup of tea and a good book. It’s usually just a normal teabag so to be able to try some new exciting “posh” tea was a real treat.

Vahdam teas is a home-grown Indian tea and superfood brand. The teas are bought direct from plantations and farmers within days of harvest and shipped directly to fulfilment centres around the world. Vahdam also has great environmental credentials too, they are certified both climate and plastic neutral. They also direct 1% of their revenue towards educating farmers’ children in India. All this made me feel very positive about the products I was receiving.

The Vahdam Happy Halloween Gift Set did not disappoint. It came in a sturdy orange gift box decorated with pumpkins and all things spooky. Inside were four tins of different types of loose tea, each containing 50g which in total is enough to make around 100 cups of tea. The tins were all decorated with the same design as the main box, and will be great for keeping the tea fresh, they will also be great to use in the future for storing tea.

The flavours of tea were all inspired by Halloween and autumn and consisted of – Sweet Cinnamon Masala Chai Tea, pumpkin spiced herbal tea, apple cinnamon herbal tea and turmeric spiced herbal tea. They all smelt wonderful and looked really interesting as they all had a variety of different ingredients in them. From a quick look at the ingredients lists I could see that they were all natural with no artificial additives which was great.

Having tried all of the teas they were all lovely and warming, all of them were spiced and had a lovely depth of flavour. My favourite was the Cinnamon Masala Chai tea which had a lovely flavour, my least favourite was the apple cinnamon herbal tea as it contained liquorice which isn’t a flavour I’m keen on. I used 1 teaspoon of tea for each cup, and found that 3 minutes seemed to be the optimum brewing time to make the tea to my taste. The instructions suggested 3-5 minutes so it’s worth experimenting.

The Happy Halloween gift set is fairly expensive at a RRP of £39 but that equates to around 39p per cup so it’s not too bad at all and would make a lovely gift for someone at Halloween. Vahdam also have a wide range of gifts for every occasion on their website and I would definitely recommend the teas as they are lovely and such a treat.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £39 (on sale for £32)

This product can be purchased from Vahdam here.

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