Urtekram Beauty Soft Wild Rose Body Lotion And Body Wash Review


Reviewed by Jo Hardy

Founded in Copenhagen Urtekram has been named as Denmark’s most sustainable brand.  The company were very early environmentalists and have always been close to nature. Since they started in 1972 the company has focused on a “natural, simple, clean lifestyle “. All products are vegan, 100% biodegradable, 99 – 100% natural and certified organic by Ecocert.  They use broccoli seed oil instead of silicons, don’t use any artificial perfumes even the packaging is made from sugar cane plastic and they continually working to reduce their carbon footprint. They are also careful when choosing suppliers that they have the same ethical standards . Urtekram sounds like the perfect choice for anyone who is mindful of the environment and looking to buy from companies who feel the same.

All these things are very important but the products have also got to perform well. Both of products I was asked to try were in soft wild rose and were part of the new “dare to dream’ collection.  I would not usually opt for anything in a rose fragrance as I usually find them too weak and a bit old fashioned but this one is different it’s modern, light and the floral smell makes me think of a bouquet of flowers not an old ladies handbag like some rose fragrances do.
The body wash comes in a 200 ml tube, is a clear gel, lathers up really well into a white foam of tight little bubbles.  It contains aloe vera and is very moisturising on the skin.  The lovely rose smell is like being wrapped in a bunch of flowers.

The body lotion is a 245 ml pump dispenser.  The lotion contains Shea butter.  It sinks in quickly, is none greasy leaving the skin lovely and soft when used after the body wash.  It creates another layer of that beautiful flowery smell. Also available in the “dare to dream” collection are hand wash, shampoo and conditioner, hand cream, deodorant, body scrub and body butter, so there are lots of others ways to layer up that beautiful smell of roses.

Urtekram produce a wide range of products with perfumes including wild lemongrass, spicy orange blossom and soothing lavender in their body care range.  I would like to try them all. good quality products like this are an essential part of my self-care routine and they would make perfect gifts.  They also make a range of dental care and products specifically for men.

See the full range and read the full story behind this remarkable company at The products I used can be bought online from The body lotion is priced at £8.75 and the body wash is £5.99. At the time of writing this the site is offering a 10% price reduction on these products. They stock a wide range of Urtekram products many of them included in the current price reduction offer.

Why not treat yourself and a friend.  Don’t wait for a special occasion.  Do it today just because you can.

Rating: 5/5

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