Uncle John’s Bakery Review


Reviewed by Julie Jessup

I adore bread, not your thin white sliced but different types of bread. I like to try bread that I have never tasted before. This was made possible when Uncle John’s bakery offered some of their wonderful products for reviewing.  I expected a few products and was overjoyed when a box full of lovely cakes and bread arrived. The problem I had was where do I start! I have never had any sweet bread before so was really looking forward to this.

To be honest I did not know what to have with sweet bread and when I tasted it I thought I could actually eat it without anything with it, as it was so moist and tasty. I decided that I would have mine with butter and strawberry jam and it was delicious. I do find it difficult to eat sweet and savoury together. My husband is the opposite and he wanted his with cheese, olives and dried tomatoes which he really enjoyed. We had the twisted bread rather like a tear and share loaf.

We had these products throughout the week, so the next thing we tried were the doughnuts, they are nothing like I had before they have no filling and to be honest I found they tasted much like the twisted bread but a little drier in consistency, they still were tasty.

For an evening snack we opened a packet of coconut chin chin, we had been sent two packets of these. These had an amazing taste. I did find them slightly hard and as I had recently broken a tooth I did have to be careful. I am a great fan of the flavour of coconut. These are know as chips in Ghana..You can also purchase a spicy flavour. They are a very thin coconut biscuit type, shaped like a French fry. They also have a hint of spice which you can taste but it is not over powering. I must say it was hard not to eat the whole packet as they really are very Moorish.

Next we tried the sweet bread rolls, they felt very heavy but were not at all dry. Again they were very tasty. I had Jam in mine, my husband had cheese in his. They were so filling. 
We tasted the sponge cake which looked like a muffin, it was very heavy but had a really nice taste, I could taste the nutmeg and this gave it a very unique flavour. It was not at all dry which I expected due to the weight of it.

Now we get to the cocoa bread we were both really looking forward to this one. I only had a taste of it and it was not to my taste I could slightly taste the cocoa but I found this bread slightly to dry for me. However this was my husbands favourite and he just had it with some butter on and he was very happy that he could have the whole loaf!

My favourite was the original sweet bread, this is traditionally used for celebrations. It was delicious not to sweet just right and so light and fluffy. I only put butter on this as it is all it needed. I would be very happy to replace this bread with my usual. My husband said he liked it but not as much as the cocoa bread. So we clearly have very different tastes.

All of the products came with a two week end date which is really good for bakery items. You can also freeze them and use at a later date.  Uncle John’s Bakery was established 20 years ago. It is a Ghanian specialist bakery. All the products are hand baked using family recipes that have been passed through the generations.

I am going to award these products 4/5 stars the only reason they do not get a 5 is because some of the products are made using palm oil which is very controversial and a lot is being done to ban the use of this.   You can buy from their bakery direct in London, you can purchase online and if you check out the website you can find stockists.

The website is very interesting you can find out the back ground and look at recipes. As well as a varied selection of products at different prices.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: varies

These products can be purchased from the Uncle John’s Bakery website here.

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