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Trolley Bags Review

Reviewed by Louisa Nashir

For a good few months now my Facebook newsfeed has been full of adverts for Trolley Bags and reading the comments below each post people are raving about them.

I was pretty delighted when I was chosen to review a set of these amazing bags which will change the way you shop forever.

Soon enough a courier knocked on my door and delivered a large rectangular box, I immediately knew what it was and opened the parcel excitedly.

Upon opening I read the attached label and had a good look at my new brightly coloured shopping bags.

As they were rolled up for transit they looked quite neat and compact but when I opened them they were a great size.

Each set of 4 Trolley Bags comes in a different colour and are attached to each other with Velcro. The bags are bright and colourful and the bottoms are black mesh.

I had a play around with them then put them in the car ready for our shopping trip at the weekend.

We shop at Aldi and as many of you Aldi shoppers will know, there isn’t time for you to pack bags at the till as the checkout staff literally throw your shopping through and within seconds ringing the total up.

Usually we just put the shopping back into the trolled and pack our bags in the packing bays.

Well I must say our cashier was quite amused by our trolley bags and was sure the bags wouldn’t be as good as the adverts state.


We unrolled our trolley bag and placed them in the trolley and were ready to take on the quick handed cashier.


Despite her best efforts to whizz our shopping through faster than Usain Bolt we loaded our shopping with ease. One bag for cold items, one for fresh, one for tins and bottles and one for household items.

Soon enough we had 4 full trolley bags and were on our way out leaving others packing their bags.

Whilst at the checkout we did have a few people asking about the bags and saying what a great idea they were.

We separated each bag at the car and then it was homeward bound and time to unpack.

Each bag hold a lot and the bags are all different sizes which makes them fit into the trolley with ease.

Soon enough the shopping was away and the trolley bags fastened back together and rolled up ready for our next shop.

The bags are a great idea and are more environmentally friendly that plastic bags which are now chargeable.

They are a worthy investment but I must say the mesh bottom did make me a little uneasy especially with the heavier items in the bags.

In future I will be swapping g and changing items in the bags to equally distribute the weight.

Great product you definitely need to try!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £17.99

For more information or to buy visit www.packingsorted.co.uk.


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