Tom Gates Wallet Review


Reviewed by Kathryn Harrison

Like many children my ten year old daughter is a big fan of the Tom Gates book series, written and illustrated by Liz Pichon.  There’s 18 books in this popular series that chronicles the trials and tribulations of Tom Gates’ life. The Tom Gates book series is so popular that it has spawned a TV series and lots of merchandise.

One of these items of merchandise is the Important Stuff Wallet. When we received this wallet it was packaged very compactly into a small envelope meaning it was able to be posted through the letterbox, always handy rather than having to back to the post office to collect a missed delivery. Inside the envelope the wallet was covered in plastic wrap to protect it further. When we unwrapped the wallet we could see straight away the distinctive colours and illustrations in the same style as the books. The wallet is all black except for the front panel which has a red background and an illustration of two hands holding a sign that says (Very) Important Stuff Inside. The wording and drawing is very much in keeping with the style of the books.

When you open the wallet there is a large compartment at the back with three more opaque pockets and finally a compartment with a clear pvc window. Inside this compartment there is a piece of thin cardboard with space for the child to write their name, favourite treat and number of Tom Gates books read. Unfortunately the clear pvc on our wallet has a black streak down the front of it. You can still see the card behind it but it doesn’t look very nice.

The wallet is made from 20% cotton and 80% polyester giving the wallet a rough feel. I would imagine whilst it’s not waterproof the wallet would be water resistant. Its a fold over style wallet so once opened it fold into thirds and is secured by hook and loop Velcro. I am a little disappointed that for an item aimed at children the style of this wallet is more like an adult wallet. There’s numerous spaces for plastic cards and paper money but no zip compartment to keep coins in. Now I don’t know about other children but my daughter is much more likely to carry her pocket money as coins, she wouldn’t be able to store coins in this wallet as they would fall out if the wallet was placed upside down in a pocket or a bag.

Overall I’m not very impressed with this item, the quality of the wallet feels quite poor and definitely not worth the RRP of £12.99. I feel the price has been inflated due to the Tom Gates branding. (Editor’s note – this is the reviewer’s opinion.  What is to someone’s taste may not be to someone else’s taste.)   I also think that for an item designed for children it’s poorly thought through. My daughter was really happy when she saw it but I know that this will end up being an item that isn’t really used and ends up being left in a drawer somewhere. More of a novelty than a useful functioning item.

Rating: 2/5

RRP: £12.99

This product can be purchased from The Tom Gates Shop here.

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