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Toad Diaries Design Your Own Diary Review

Reviewed by Michelle Stead

I was recently chosen to review a diary from Toad Diaries. I promptly received an email with details on ordering, and Rachael was very helpful!  She made me feel like I was able to ask her any questions I had about the product, and very happily answered them.

Off I went to view all the available diaries on the website, I was blown away by the choice! There are so many different designs to choose from. I went on to the “design your own” link at the top of the webpage, and got started! I chose to review an A4 Wire bound diary, with the owl design, a week to week view, and extra pages in the back for notes.  I also found it appealing that there is an option to have your diary printed on yellow paper! I’ve never seen this before, and as I have trouble reading things on white paper, I opted for this. Toad Diaries also give you the option to choose when your diary starts from, and when you want it to end (The particular design I chose, started from a 6 month diary, up to 24 months).

After ordering the diary, it took 3 days to arrive via Royal Mail. It arrived very well packaged, in a brown cardboard envelope. I couldn’t wait to open it to view my diary, which was personalised with my name, and a sub heading (personalisation is an option on the website, and is of no extra cost). The front is protected by a clear plastic cover, behind this, was the owl design I had chosen, this is of very high quality, and I am very pleased with it! Upon opening the cover, there is a page which you add in your details, should you ever misplace the diary. Here comes the great part! Over the next two pages, there are instructions on how to make a toad! (Paper for this is included with the diary! Great! I had a little trouble understanding the instructions, as they are in picture form, with no written directions. I got there in the end, and my toad is now sat on my shelf.

There are also a couple of pages to write in details, such as national insurance number, any allergies, your blood group, contacts for school, childminder, gas/electric/water company contact details. I found this very helpful, as I am forever losing contact details!

As mentioned, I chose the week to week view, which meant that one week covered two pages. The only downside to this, is there is more space on the Monday – Friday sections, than there is on the weekend sections, though, by also choosing to have the extra notes pages in the back of the diary, this is not a problem.

On the back cover, there is a plastic slot to insert business cards, and a handy little pocket, as it says on the insert, this is a “place for all those things that just need a home”  this will be useful for keeping important receipts, travel tickets, and just the odd bits you may want to carry around with you!

All in all, I am very impressed with the quality of this product, and I would definitely recommend this company. The only thing I would suggest, is that there is some form of confirmation of order sent out, as I didn’t receive any confirmation of the item being ordered/being dispatched.

Rating: 4.5/5

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4 half Star

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