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My First JCB Fun Farm Tractor Tim Review

FunFarmTractorTim1My First JCB
Fun Farm Tractor Tim

Reviewed by Michelle Wright

Although only just one, my little boy’s eyes lit up when I first showed his this new edition to his toy collection. He immediately dropped it into the floor and started making engine noises as he heavy handedly pushed Tractor Tim backwards and forwards into my skirting boards!

The My First JCB range of toys are perfect for my wheel obsessed little boy. They are bright coloured, (but always includes the distinctively branded JCB yellow) made from chunky plastic and most importantly, very robust!

Each vehicle in the range has a name and a cheeky face on the front – similar to the characters found on the Disney Car films. They all have big chunky wheels and are large enough for little hands to be able to manoeuvre them easily.


The range is perfect for their growing imaginations as they get older and their inquisitive minds even now! Fun Farm Tractor Tim has a detachable blue trailer which pivots on a tow bar as well as a drop down tailgate and even a bonnet that flicks up. Oscar loves to add balls from his ball pool into the trailer or even a milk bottle if he has one to hand, and off they go on a trip around the lounge!

A brilliantly, well thought out range of toys, and one I will be looking to add to.

A very robust 5 out of 5.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: £14.99

Suitable age: 12 months +

Available to buy from Golden Bear Toys here.


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