Tippitoes Seaborne Baby Sponge Review

Seaborne Baby Sponge


Reviewed by David Savage

The Seaborne Baby Sponge comes supplied in a plastic screw top pot and the sponge is 100% natural (straight from the sea).

On opening the tub I was rather surprised to find that the sponge was quite hard so was very disappointed as my first thought was how can this be used on a baby? My disappointment did not last long, once put into the bath water the sponge immediately went soft and was very absorbent. On applying the sponge to the skin it was very soft and not scratchy or itchy like some synthetic sponges. I also found that that the lather created was a lot so I had to use less soap.

This is a great soft, all natural sea sponge so is great for your baby’s skin as well as your own. As it is 100% natural it is also great for the skin and the environment as well. Sea sponges are also very durable and do not retain odours.

Overall an excellent sponge and a must have for any baby’s bathtime. Although quite expensive at £4.99 they are definitely value for money and will last longer than a synthetic sponge so do not let the price put you off.

Highly recommended.

Rating: 5/5

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