Tinybop Mammals App Review

Reviewed by Amanda Hayes

My son loves educational apps and learning about animals is one of his favourite topics so the Mammals app from Tinybop was always going to be a favourite. Although my son is younger than the suggested age of 6-7 he soon got to grips with it and was quickly learning about all kinds of mammals.

Through a selection of wild animals from tigers to bats and sloths, children, and adults as I learnt things I didn’t know, can see inside the animal and view parts of the body actually working. You can choose from different kinds of feed for each animal, with only the correct food continuing into their mouth and watch it go into their digestive system and out of the other end. You can watch them drink and fill their bladder or see their nervous system, their skeleton, respiratory, muscular and circulatory systems, pretty much anything can be viewed inside the body. You can also see how a baby grows and feeds from inside an elephant’s tummy or a kangaroo’s pouch, it makes explaining biology so much easier. It is an app that will definitely grow with my son too as he learns more at school he can come home and see it working inside the body via the Mammals app.

Extremely educational, Mammals has been a big hit with his grandparents and although beats a standard game hands down in regard to learning it is fun too and my son keeps coming back to it. Easily and quickly downloaded through I tunes and at a moderate cost of £2.99 I was really impressed with this app and will be recommending it to others of school age as an easy and fun way to learn biology.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £2.99

For more information visit or download from the AppStore.

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