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Reviewed by Jane Warwick

What a delight! A cardboard box arrived and safely packed inside with crunched brown paper around them to protect them were 4 Easter eggs! Thornton’s chocolate brings back many memories and I remember clearly receiving a milk chocolate egg from them in my teens with it personalised with my name. It is great that they still personalise eggs as it does make them more special.

This is a review that I like to do! The Easter eggs are traditionally presented in rectangular cardboard boxes with the diagram of the egg and connecting design on the front, sides and back. On all the cardboard boxes on one side of the box, there is a white egg shape where you can write who the egg is for and from with the words Happy Easter in the middle which is very useful when giving eggs to children, grandchildren, friends and teachers so you can double check you have not forgotten anyone.

The Bunny Easter egg is in white chocolate with the paws and inner part of the ears and the eyes decorated with milk chocolate. I like the way the bunny is 3D and sticks out of the egg which is a traditional egg shape. A very nice design and the creamy white chocolate is tasty too.

The Unicorn Easter egg has the same 3D design concept but this time a white chocolate unicorn with pink, (using beetroot red), unicorn, mane, and tail. Certainly, an egg for someone who loves unicorns or riding. The other Easter egg with a design is the Dinosaur Easter egg which like the Unicorn egg is made mainly of milk chocolate and has a 3D “dinosaur’s face appearing out of a cracked egg”. A good design for those who like dinosaurs with teeth and eyes in milk chocolate, and tongue and pupils in green. These three eggs are the same weight which avoids rivalry, but I was surprised that the energy content of these three eggs were about 40kJ different, and this was between the mainly white chocolate and milk chocolate eggs. There is also less protein in the white chocolate egg but also slightly less salt. All three eggs are suitable for vegetarians and have no artificial colours. It is very good to see that all these Easter eggs have in bold black writing (which is clear and easy to see), on the back of each cardboard box the information that these eggs may contain nuts, egg and cereals containing gluten.

I was wondering when I opened the eggs if there was going to be much plastic. On the back of each box, it states it is made of 100% recyclable packaging elements, but I am not sure if the plastic would be accepted in our recycle bins but there is clearly less plastic than in the past as the egg is not surrounded by plastic. Each of these eggs look like a whole egg but when the egg is removed from the plastic, there is an indentation in the centre of the back of the egg (this means a little less chocolate). The reason for this is that it helps to prevent the egg from moving in its packaging which protects the egg from breaking and this can only be a good idea.

The final egg I must review is the Classic egg which looks on the box as I would expect, a classical milk chocolate egg with 5 chocolates. Surprisingly, this egg weighs 1g less than the others and when opened, it appears to contain more plastic as the egg is surrounded by plastic and the chocolates are in a separated area wrapped in additional cellophane. A nice assortment of chocolates so everyone should get their favourite. However, the egg was not a traditional egg shape but flattened more like a rugby ball. This is a disappointment particularly as the retail cost of this egg is a lot more than the others. I would certainly buy the 3D design Easter eggs but I would feel a little cheated if I received the Classic Egg that is not classical in shape.

Rating: 4/5

Classic Collection Easter Egg 150g | Easter Eggs | Thorntons RRP £7.00 at present £4
Milk Chocolate Unicorn Easter Egg Thorntons RRP £4.00 at present £3
Milk Chocolate Dinosaur Easter Egg Thorntons RRP £4.00 at present £3
White Chocolate Bunny Easter Egg Thorntons RRP £4.00 at present £3

These products can be purchased from Thorntons here.

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