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This Is Silk Pillowcase Review


Reviewed by Helen Noble

THIS IS SILK – Gently Cream Silk Pillowcase.

This is anti-ageing
This is anti-bedhead
This is anti- sleep crease
This is an eight hour beauty treatment

This is a 22 momme pure mulberry silk pillowcase. RRP: £49.99

‘Silk is not only an ultimate luxury product but it also has incredible health and beauty benefits’

This Is Silk founder Sonal Keay suffers with a rare, sensitive skin condition and says high quality silk is the only thing that soothes it. She left her career as a barrister to develop the finest 22 momme, sustainably produced 100% mulberry silk products to help others find solutions to sensitive skin, thinning hair, and restless sleep.

Using silk to create products prevents harmful friction caused by cotton, regulates body heat, keeps oils and moisturisers on the skin and hair, prevents lines, ageing, hair breakage and frizz. It is breathable, eco friendly and looks and feels beautiful.

I felt so lucky to be given the opportunity to review this product, it arrived neatly packaged, silk ribbon tied in crisp white tissue paper with a hand written note, there is a £5.00 additional charge for this but you can include any message neatly hand wrote with a fountain pen. Within the gift wrap was a lovely sturdy box with a magnetic flip lid, as well as two free silk face masks. The pillowcase was extremely neatly folded and on first glance you could just tell it had been handled with love and care.

The pillowcase comes in various colours/shades of cream, blue, grey, pink and white. I received Gently Cream the gentlest shade of softest cream, it is the natural nudged colour of the pillowcases, a lovely shade of cream it is too, the feel of it is so soft to touch, I sew for a hobby and have a habit of checking how things have been stitched together, a lot of pillowcases are badly finished therefore easily give at the seams, this pillowcase has been created using a top technique of french seams therefore extremely neatly finished, with really strong seams and very little chance of any fraying.

It is of a standard size measuring 75cm x 50cm, although it is always better to hand wash silk you can machine wash if you enclose within a mesh laundry bag first to stop damage by friction. It is also advised to use detergents specifically for silk. Correct washing and care will prolong the life of your pillowcase. Care instructions can be found on the This Is Silk website under the heading ‘Caring for Silk’.

It glided on to the bed pillow with ease, I just couldn’t wait until it was bedtime. The silk was so lovely and soft to lay on, and the feeling of silk against my cheeks soon sent me off to sleep. A lady of my age is known for a hot night time sweat or two so I was over the moon that for once it wasn’t as bad, and on waking up my hair really wasn’t as bad as usual either, ‘This Is Silk’ really are true to their word.

Although I feel it maybe highly priced for a buy for yourself item, it is well worth paying for the quality and luxury of the item and would make a fabulous gift especially with it coming up to Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, a great choice for that person that you just don’t know what to buy them.

Various other items can be found on This Is Silk website such as hair wraps, eye masks, face masks, hair bands, plus more.
It is very easy to order on the website with Free uk mainland delivery with DPD over £49 and free silk jersey face masks are included with every silk pillowcase or hair wrap.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £49.99

This product can be purchased from the This Is Silk website here.

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