Things You Need to Consider When Playing Online Games as a Hobby


If you plan on indulging yourself in the world of online gaming this year, you’ll be joining the 877 million other gamers that are expected to flood the online gaming industry in 2020. The internet has raised the bar for gaming as it provides a more realistic feeling towards the games and you can join different communities and work together to reach your target.

Online gaming is a rewarding pastime, but there are some things you should consider so that you get the best experience out of it. In this article, that’s exactly what I’ll cover.

Internet Speed

This should come as a no brainer, and you can gauge the speed of your network connection through Speedcheck. However, you should understand that there are 2 elements which contribute to speed, which are the:

  • Bandwidth
  • Latency

Bandwidth consists of download and upload speeds, while the latency measures the length it takes for data to make a round trip from your computer to a server, and back to your computer. Gamers also use “ping” interchangeably with latency.

For online gaming, lower latencies of 20-40ms optimal. But anything below 100ms is acceptable. Upload speed is much more important as lower latencies depend on faster upload speeds. Just because your Internet Service Provider (ISP) claims you’ll get 50 Mbps for your plan, that doesn’t translate to a lag-less gaming experience as ISPs usually advertise their download speeds.

Gaming Chair

According to Limelight Networks, the average gamer spends up to 7 hours and 7 minutes a week gaming. Unfortunately, the human body isn’t meant to sit for long hours like how our sedentary lives demand us to.

Studies have shown that sitting for long hours can decrease blood circulation leading to pain and muscle spasms in the lower back. To minimize this risk, proper posture while gaming is important, but it’s hard to keep that in mind.

Another solution is to invest in a good gaming chair. Normally, gaming chairs provide additional support for your neck and lumbar spine with pillows so you can rest your back comfortably. It minimizes your tendency to slouch, which is usually what we do when our lower backs tire out from sitting too long.

Gaming Glasses

Again, it’s only unnatural for us to look at a screen for hours at a time. Your eyes would strain over time and you can get an array of symptoms such as sore, tired eyes, blurry vision, headaches, and even difficulty in keeping your eyes open.

The culprit for the eye strain you get is the blue light that is emitted from your screens. Blue light has a short wavelength, but packs in a lot of energy which scatters easier than other visible-light colours. This scattering contributes to eye strain as the eyes work harder to focus.

The solution? A good pair of gaming glasses.

Gaming glasses have special lenses that absorb blue light, like how sunglasses block UV light. Additionally, they can increase clarity and reduce glare while you game.

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