SEAMS Hand Cream Review

Reviewed by Julie Hayward 

The delivery for SEAMS hand cream arrived swiftly in a jiffy bag package, containing a cardboard box with the SEAMS logo on the outside. On opening the first thing that caught my attention was bold capitals HANDS ON! HAND CREAM followed by the tag line ‘mends, moisturises and soothes dry, hardworking hands’. Thus leaving me in no doubt what the package contained and what the product was for. They also usefully added the website, SEAMSBEAUTY.CO.UK should I want to search more products and place future orders.

Logo white tissue paper kept the product secure in the package. I then found a rectangular, sturdy, primrose yellow coloured box, the card used is slightly textured and of a good quality, making it perfect to withstand long term use. I can see this happily standing in my bathroom cabinet, on my dressing or bedside table. If I needed to use this on the go, I am sure the box would help prevent it from accidently being squeezed out in my bag.

The box gave me all the information I needed, as there was writing on all four sides. Along with the SEAMS logo I was intrigued by a line drawing of a thimble with a needle and cotton on the front face, it also highlighted the three main ingredients; shea butter, macadamia oil and fragonia oil. I also noted it contained 75ml\2.54fl.oz. On one side of the box is a list of the qualities that the cream will help to do; moisturise, soften, protect, even skin tone, strengthen, hydrate and comfort. Along with natural ingredients that will promote this, for example ‘even skin tone with swiss garden cress’.

The other side helped me to understand the thimble drawing as it explains that the hand cream was created for couturiers to soothe their dry pinpricked hands, without leaving an oily residue on fabrics. They also go onto state its main qualities, light texture, absorbs quickly, non-greasy. The rear of the box has how to use instructions and a full list of ingredients, finally it tells me that the product is manufactured in the UK along with its head office address and website.

The box has a striking black interior again alluding to quality. The tube itself is white, a practical design that is wipe-clean and squeezable. It gives me identical information as the box.

The fragrance is clean and fresh but not overly perfumed. My first use I think I squeezed out more than was needed and it took longer to absorb, however my future usage, I have carefully used the small amount that is necessary and it did absorb quickly leaving very little oily residue. I am confident with such a small amount needed that this product would last a long time even with frequent applications throughout the day and at bedtime. Therefore, I think it is good value for money as a little goes a long way. I am hopeful that it fulfils its claims especially to hydrate to reduce the visible signs of ageing. My hands certainly feel silky smooth, soft and moisturised. I would highly recommend if you want to look after hardworking hands.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £14 (75ml)

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