The Gruffalo Review

The Gruffalo
The Lowry Theatre, Manchester

Reviewed by Lucy Knight

I recently took my 2 ½ year old daughter to see the theatre adaptation of the popular story of the Gruffalo at The Lowry Theatre.

The story begins with a mouse who wants to go into the deep dark wood to find herself a nut, however on her way she is approached by some unconvincing animals who want to eat her.

The animals involved were an owl, a fox and a snake, which are only identified by a hat or a tail which I felt was not suitable for the age group the play was aimed at. My daughter did not understand why the man with the flying hat was an owl as she is too young to use her imagination in this way.

She was very bored up until half way through when the Gruffalo appeared on the stage to a catchy song. She got up off her seat and began to dance.

The set was very minimalist with just two trees which represented the woods, however the acting was very good and the actors really tried their best to get all of the audience involved.

I feel that my daughter was probably too young to appreciate the story and had she been a little older she would have enjoyed it more as I could see so many other children of around 4/5 engrossed in the story.

I would rate this play 3/5

Showing from 17 April – 21 April 2012 –

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