The Grossasnotarus by Jane Harriss Review

Reviewed by Tricia Shaw

What on earth is a Grossasnotarus? I’m still not completely sure but we very much enjoyed reading about this young creature whose troublesome ticklish trunk is both the bane of his life and his chance to do what he wants most: help others and make his mum proud. It is easy to empathise with Arthur as he faces issues often encountered by children as they grow up.

This hardback book containing three stories about Arthur the Grossasnotarus who can’t help sneezing is beautifully illustrated and both my children were entranced as we read it together. My 5 year old loved joining in each time poor Arthur started to sneeze; giggles and smiles were abundant.

Each story is a good length for bedtime reading to non-readers and there is a good range of descriptive language. The typeface is not the easiest to read and the amount of text on each page could be daunting to less confident new readers. Although perhaps more suited to be read to younger children, I found my 8 year old daughter had smuggled the book into her bedroom determined to read on.

A delightful book bound to be read time and time again.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £7.99

Available to buy from Amazon here.

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