The Extreme Stunt Show Live Review


The Extreme Stunt Show Live
Extreme… Is a State of Mind

Reviewed by Wayne Owens

The Extreme Stunt Show Live roared into Staffordshire on a cold April night and the travelling Extreme Team did not fail to impress.  BMX bikes, FMX riders, buggies, quads, cars, jeeps and of course the awesome V8 supercharged monster trucks Extreme and Lil’ Devil were all unleashed to amaze us with their skills.

Whether you are die hard stunt fans or looking for family entertainment, this show has something for everyone. With the weather still cold for the time of year, you will need your thermals – this is an outdoor show and some venues may be more exposed than others.   

Safety is paramount at this type of show and commentator Jez Avery ran through the housekeeping rules in humorous style before the show kicked off. Things were a little slow to start and it seemed to take the crowd a while to warm up, not helped by the freezing conditions no doubt. The second half of the show had a faster pace and the highlight for me was the FMX riders, soaring overhead, performing heart stopping stunts just a few feet above us – we definitely picked the best spot to stand for that thrill!!

The wall of fire stunts were ‘flaming fantastic’ but the human torch was sadly little more than a flicker, only making an 8 second walk before the safety crew had to dampen the flames! All credit to the team though for dealing for the technical failure without it resulting in injury!  Those few brief moments created an immense heat for the audience let alone the stunt performer so he deserves 10/10 for sheer guts!

The grand finale was the car crushing monster truck tag team. Following Jez Averys command, the audience gave the signal to rev the giant trucks into life. “Hold your finger in the air and spin it around” and just like magic the V8 engines roared into life!  Extreme, with its 2000 methanol supercharged horsepower and the Guinness World Record truck Lil’ Devil with its 540 cubic inch V8 supercharged engine, paraded around the arena, towering over the audience who gasped at their giant proportions before making mincemeat of the line of vehicles from a standing start, driving straight over them as if they were Dinky cars! 

For me, as a total petrol head the experience was truly exhilarating but what surprised me was the reaction of my twelve year old daughter Emily and friend Megan. They were totally amazed by the team’s skills and abilities and were first in the queue to collect autographs, getting as many of the Extreme Team to sign the fabulous souvenir programme as possible. This really is family entertainment at its best, something that brings young and old together just for sheer fun!

The Extreme Stunt Show Live is touring the UK with performances at venues across the country. A list of dates and show details can be found here

We had one of the best family nights out ever!

Rating: 5/5

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