Deeply Odd by Dean Koontz Review

Reviewed by David Savage

Odd Thomas is back in the sixth novel, Deeply Odd, of the Odd Thomas series written by Dean Koontz.

Odd Thomas is nearly 22 years old and has already been through a lot of strange and bizarre things – he has a psychic gift with heightened intuition and a sixth sense that allows him to see dead people and has premonitions of evil acts.

In Deeply Odd while out to buy some new clothes he has a strange encounter with a cowboy trucker that gives him a vision of 3 innocent children about to be slaughtered. This sets him off on his mission to save these children and prevent a tragedy only to find he is dealing with something more than a kidnapper and murderer of children. With the help of a kindly old lady, the 87 year Mrs Edie Fischer and the spirit of the famous dead film director Alfred Hitchcock, he sets off across California he stop an evil network of men and woman and save the children.

Along his journey to rescue the children he meets an eccentric network of Mrs Fischer’s friends who help him reach his goal as well as enlighten him to the wonders of the world.

Overall, Deeply Odd is the sixth novel in the Odd Thomas series and is better than each preceding novel with a well-written story with filled with suspense, high tension and great plot twists. Odd Thomas is a great character that jumps off the page and makes this book very hard to put down.

At times it does have too much filler but as it is being written as memoirs from Odd Thomas it works.

A joy to read. I would recommend reading this. A great thrill ride with alternative realities and horror. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Rating: 5/5

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