The Bionic Woman Complete Collection Review

The Bionic Woman
The Complete Collection


Reviewed by Brian Grenhan

When I was an adolescent I had a huge crush on Lindsay Wagner so I was very excited to review this DVD box set. The Bionic Woman was a spin off from the highly successful Six Million Dollar Man series starring Lee Majors. Lindsay character was the childhood sweetheart of Steve Austen the eponymous six million dollar man.

The role she played was so well received she was offered her own show The Bionic Woman. The two characters crossed over and appeared in several of each other's shows. I do confess to owning a VHS copy of a later movie called "Bionic Ever After" which was a TV movie made after the TV series ended.

I always thought the Six Million Dollar Man was the superior series but this DVD box set may have just changed my mind as it brought back my juvenile crush on Jamie Sommers (Wagner)! This is the first time all 58 episodes have been released on DVD. All digitally remastered and restored in this 18 DVD collectors box with all 3 series featured.

Packed with brilliant extras such as colour booklets and the 4 episodes of the Six Million Dollar Man explaining the origins of the Bionic Woman and even the 3 reunion movies including the aforementioned "Bionic Ever After" which is a huge bonus.

Highly recommended.

Rating: 5/5

Available to buy from Fabulous Films here.

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