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The Autism Show 2012


Welcome to The Autism Show, the national event for autism, dedicated to the two million people in the UK who live and work with autism on a daily basis.

The Autism Show is for the growing community of parents, carers, professionals and individuals on the autism spectrum who all too often don’t know where to turn for answers. The event attracts over 3,000 people looking to find the latest information, advice, products and services to help them support individuals on the autism spectrum. Once inside the event, all content is free to access.

This year’s highlights include:

Leading professionals and high profile parents discussing the latest research, helpful strategies and their personal experiences in the Autism Matters Theatre. Speakers include the world renowned autism researcher Professor Simon Baron-Cohen, best selling author Kathy Lette, leading autism campaigner Anna Kennedy and advisor to President Obama on disability policy issues Ari Ne’emen

Individuals on the autism spectrum speaking about their experiences of living with the condition in the Autism Talks in association with the Autistic Rights Movement (ARM)

Confidential advice provided by specialist professionals in the 1-2-1 Clinics including Certified Behaviour Analysts, Speech and Language Therapists, Solicitors, Occupational Therapists, Educational Psychologists and Welfare Rights Advisors

The AET Training Hub Theatre providing professionals working across all education settings for pupils aged 5 -16 years with a better understanding of autism and the needs of individual pupils on the spectrum

The inspirational and exciting Step in the Right Direction Dance demonstration supported by Pineapple Arts and acts from across the country performing in Autism’s Got Talent@The Autism Show all in association with Anna Kennedy Online

100s of specialist products and services including learning tools, visual aids, sensory equipment, furniture, advice and support services, residential care and education, and schools

Many interactive features including the BIC Art Zone, the Sensory: Inside-Out feature created by Rompa and Timotay Playscapes, the NAS Photography Competition Exhibition, the Research Zone in association with Autistica and the Quiet and Sensory Rooms created by Mike Ayres Design

At The Autism Show you will access more face to face advice, support and information on autism than anywhere else in the UK.

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