Deep Sleep Soothing Shower Cream Review

Deep Sleep Soothing Shower Cream

Reviewed by Shelley East

The Body Shop buy Community Fair Trade camomile essential oil from Norfolk Essential Oils, a family-run co-operative in Norfolk, England to formulate this gorgeous smelling shower cream. Their trade provides the farmers with a reliable income, and has helped revitalise local businesses. I love the ethics of the Body Shop because it’s not just an indulgent shower experience but a company that uses natural products to provide a sustainable income to fair trade communities.

This cleansing shower cream is ideal for use before bedtime. It can be used in the bath too! It is from the aromatherapy and massage range. It has such a lovely relaxing fragrance using jujube date and fair trade cocoa butter. I am convinced I could smell lavender too which is renowned for its relaxing and de-stressing properties. I used the shower cream as per the instructions by massaging it over wet skin and then rinsed with the shower. My skin was fragranced with essential oils and it didn't dry my skin when towel drying. The product is moisturising and a soft creamy lather. You don’t need to use loads of the product as it is very creamy so a 50p sized blob on a bath lily produced enough bubbles to cleanse the body.

Super value for money as will last ages and definitely helped me go to sleep!

Buy from The Body Shop here.


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