Fink Conversation Cards Review


Fink Conversation Cards

Reviewed by Louisa Nashir

Family Edition
When I was asked to review Fink Conversation Cards I had no idea what they were and decided not to Google them as it would take away the element of mystery.

The cards arrived and I was pleasantly surprised with the 'in your face' bold colours and how great they looked.

I opened the box and tore off the cellophane wrapper and read the information card by Fink.

Each of the 54 cards are brightly coloured and has a question on it, here are a few examples of questions…

Where is one place you would like to go?
What makes you laugh?
What makes you happy?

The aim is to get to know other people by getting the other person to choose a card and they ask the question and the talking and getting to know each other begins.

These cards are brilliant for getting to know people and would be an excellent team building resource in a work environment.

Mum’s Edition
Fink (Family Interaction Nurtures Kids) have released a special Mum's Edition of their brilliant Conversation Cards and they do not disappoint in the slightest.

The aim of the cards is to get families talking about things that may not come up in everyday conversation, the rules of play are easy so even children can play too.

Rules – The cards are split into different colours, the purple cards get laid face up on the table and the other colours are split between the players (pink for mum and blue for the children). The youngest player asks the first question and can use the purple cards to expand the question.  Once answered it's the next players turn and so on.

The Mum's Edition is lovely and the questions well thought out.

At £5.99 these cards are excellent value for money as they can be used over and over again for many years.

I love Fink Conversation Cards!

Rating: 5/5

Buy from Fink Cards here.

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