The Sound of Music at the Belgrade Theatre Coventry Review

6-10 February 2018

Reviewed by Cate Norris

Coventry was alive with the sound of music this evening (Tuesday 6 February 2018) and the poor old nuns were in a bit of a tiz over a certain Maria Rainer (Lucy O’Byrne) who was causing a ruckus down at the abbey. After asking one another what you do with a problem like Maria, Sisters Berthe (Lucy Miller), Sophia (Tammy Davies), Margaretta (Zoe Ann Bown) and Mother Abbess (Megan Llewellyn) decided to make her somebody else’s problem and Maria was sent to fill the role of Governess to Captain von Trapp’s (Neil McDermott) seven children. It was pretty funny when the Captain was trying to explain how to call the children using a whistle, but Maria was having none of it and used it to call him instead. Needless to say, Maria would not uphold the Captain’s strict rules and chose to have fun with the children instead, teaching them how to sing and play. They became very close, with even the eldest child Liesl (Katie Shearman) admitting that she needed a governess, after initially saying she was too old. But with the Captain and Maria struggling to see eye to eye, the captain due to marry, and the growing Nazi rule, Maria was not going to be the only problem!

This is based on a real-life family and may already be familiar to many from the hugely popular film adaptation. For fans of the film or those who have no previous knowledge of the story, the theatre show will not disappoint. It is a real feel good story with so many underlying messages to take away, from chasing your dreams, to accepting change when it comes whilst staying true to your core beliefs and values. Central to that are the wonderful children and an amazing score with some of the most outstanding vocals ever heard. From Megan Llewellyn’s breath-taking Climb Ev’ry Mountain, to Lucy O’Byrne singing with the children, and their charming performance of The Lonely Goatherd. In addition, Katie Shearman and Jordan Oliver who played Rolf delivered an absolutely stunning performance of Sixteen going on Seventeen and Lucy O’ Byrne sang The Sound of Music at which point I thought I was floating away! It just isn’t possible to name a winning moment. It was no wonder that the people of Coventry got to their feet to show their appreciation through a much-deserved standing ovation. It really was sensational and absolutely worth five stars.

Rating: 5/5

Tickets cost from £27.75 to £40.75 (booking fees may apply).

The Sound of Music is at the Belgrade Theatre in Coventry from 6-10 February 2018, for more information or to book tickets visit www.belgrade.co.uk or call the box office on 02476 55 3055.

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