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The Love Writing Co. Complete Learning To Write Pack Review


Reviewed by Lauren O’Hara

When given the chance to review the Complete Learning to Write Pack from the Love Writing Co. I was very excited. It is recommended for children aged 3-5 and we have two boys who are aged 3 and 5 so it was perfect! The pack came very quickly and really nicely presented. My first impression was good. I love how it comes with a gym bag to keep it all together. Now since we have used it a couple times my impression is only better!

The Complete Learning To Write Pack includes six products to make up the pack and they are all equally as good as each other.

Pack of 5 Writing Pencils
Pack of 12 Erasable Colouring Pencils
Handwriting and Alphabet Practice Book 1
Handwriting and Alphabet Practice Book 2
Love Writing Co. Eraser Sharpener
Eco Gym Bag

First I love how it comes with the gym bag for keeping all the pieces together. In a busy house with young children the set up for an activity takes as long as the actual activity and don’t even get my started on the tidy up! The gym bag allows me to have all the parts together so the set up takes seconds and the tidy up is the same!

The 5 writing pencils and 12 colouring pencils are perfect for little hands. They are in a pentagon shape which makes it really easy to teach my boys to write using the ‘dynamic tripod grip’ as described in the front cover of the practice books. They write so smoothly and the colour pencils give a really nice bright colour. They are marketed as erasable and they really are – unlike other colouring pencils I have used in the past. My boys enjoyed writing and colouring with both the pencils and colouring pencils. The Love Writing Co, Eraser Sharpener is the perfect accessory for writing. Again I love how it is all in one place having the sharpener and eraser as one piece and the sharpener actually works! I was able to sharpen the pencils quickly without them breaking.

My favourite part of this pack are the two practice books. On first impression they seem very high quality and the pages are nice and thick. This allowed for smooth writing and when I needed to rub something out the pages didn’t bend or rip. They are perfect for my two boys at different levels but would equally be good for one child to follow one after the other. The first book is great for a child who has done a bit of mark making already and is now ready to move on to holding a pencil properly and ready to work on smaller, more coordinated marks. The book starts out with four pages of pencil grip and control worksheets allowing your child to work on these new skills. They need to trace lines from left to right, up down, and in loops. They have cartoons on the page and examples including ‘help the tiger find her surfboard.’ These kept my 3 year old engaged in the activities. He also loved the included stickers and enjoyed earning them as he finished a section. The next stage in Book One is letter formation and practicing writing capital and lowercase letters. They start out tracing the letters and then each page has room for writing the letters on their own. There are also words for each letter and pictures to colour in. At the back of the book there is a page of numbers. I would have liked to see a few more pages dedicated to numbers as my little boy loves numbers. Book Two carries on where Book One finished. It also starts out with Pencil grip and control before moving on to letter practice and more independent writing. Each letter also has a colouring page or activity which helps to reinforce the letter formation/sounds. These are great for teaching writing, letter formation and phonics in one go!

The Love Writing Co. has other products on their page aimed at children ages 6-9. I have loved this pack so much that I am going to order the same product aimed at older children for my 5 year old to encourage him to keep writing and improving over the summer.

I would give this pack 5/5 stars. I think it is very good quality and has obviously had a lot of thought put into it when developing. All six parts are great and work so well together as a pack. It would be a perfect give for a preschooler or little one going off to Reception in September.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £27.99

This product can be purchased from The Love Writing Co. here.

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