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Leg Master Review


Reviewed by Sandip

Early next year I am turning 40 so I decided that in 2020 I would start to exercise again so that I felt confident, strong and healthy entering the next decade of my life. I started January with the couch to 5K program ,which I have to say I found tough as I do not normally exercise. I also started doing some gentle toning exercises at home. I was getting pretty pleased with myself because as I say, I haven’t really been one for exercise.

Then the Covid-19 pandemic hit and we were all summoned to stay at home.  I have 2 young primary aged kids, and me and my husband found ourselves both working from home, like millions and thousands of others.
In terms of my exercising and running, it ground to a massive halt.  Being a parent, a home schooler, working from home and looking after my elderly neighbour meant that any headspace and physical time to exercise went well out the window.

My husband has found himself lifting weights in the garage in the evenings once the kids had gone to bed, but this wasn’t really something I was interested in. I also didn’t want to go running on my own in the dark evenings. So I have done nothing, nada, zilch.

Then I was asked whether I would like to try and review the Leg Master. A quick Google check said that by doing one minute of exercise a day using the Leg Master, you could end up with strengthened, toned legs and improved pelvic floor muscle control. This sounds like quite a bold statement but even I could find a minute a day in lockdown to exercise and so I was more than happy to give this a go.

The Leg Master arrived in a fairly big box which worried me slightly but once you have set up the kit, which is incredibly easy to do, it wasn’t as big as I initially though. However, when it is in it’s full form, it is probably about 6 ft wide so if you are short of space, you will need to consider that.
The kit is a bit like a kids scooter pole and handles, with two platforms either side of the upright pole on fixed, upward curving tracks.

The premise is that you stand on the platforms and slide your legs outwards and upwards, and then back down to the centre. It looks like it should be very easy to do and that one minute would not really have any benefit. Then I tried it! As did my husband and my 2 kids.

Because the tracks are curved, it does actually make you work as you are essentially using your leg muscles and lower core muscles to lift your own body weight in a controlled sliding motion. After a few, what felt easy slides, my inner thighs began to feel the burn. The 60 seconds actually felt like a long time. We all said the same.  The inner thighs aren’t really a muscle that you exercise in traditional exercises so this was definitely a new feeling for me.

I didn’t feel any aching the next day so gave it a go again. It was still pretty hard and again, 60 seconds felt much longer than a minute. I have used this for a week now, and although I haven’t seen any noticeable difference in my body shape yet, I have been able to increase the number of reps a minute so my muscles must be getting stronger. I haven’t noticed a difference in my pelvic floor muscles yet but then I haven’t been out on the kids trampoline yet. That will be the real test!

The handle is detachable and the rest of it folds on itself so that it can be put away somewhere discrete. I currently have it in my lounge so that I can do a minute once the kids are in bed before we sit down to relax for the evening but I think once lockdown is over, I might store this in my bedroom fully open so that I can do a minute just before I go to work, or come home and get dressed into my comfy clothes.

Like I said, a weeks worth of use isn’t going to give me muscly legs and pre-kids pelvic floors, but in terms of strengthening my leg muscles by just doing a minute a day, well I think it’s going in the right direction and given the lack of free time I have during lockdown, I can definitely find a minute a day!


RRP: £64.95

This product is available from The Legmaster website here.

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