The Lancaster Insurance Classic Car Show 2022 Review


Reviewed by Ilze Sinfield

We’ve had the distinct pleasure to review The NEC Classic Car Show for 2022. As car enthusiasts, we’ve been meaning to go to this a few times, so we were delighted to finally get the chance.

The show promises it “brings together a great array of classic car and motorcycle clubs along with their iconic classic and vintage cars and motorbikes” and that it is the “ultimate season finale for any classic car/bike owner, collector, enthusiast, club member, or simply anyone with a passion for classic vehicles”.
Our expectations were high but were exceeded the very moment we stepped into the first hall. There is something really special about bringing people together who share a real love and appreciation for such an important part of our history.

Within minutes of arriving, one of the visitors near us passionately declared “It feels as if I’ve died and gone straight to car heaven’. Those words probably sum up what most of us felt like, not least the younger enthusiasts.

This event is truly catering for all – young and old, complete novices to experts, those with a passing interest to the die-hard fans. If you love cars – this is for you.

With 6 halls packed with classics from every era and type, it’s hard to pick any favourites.

However, we were incredibly lucky to have a few words with the proud owner of a 1936 Austin 20 Mayfair Limousine, kept in pristine condition. We’ve learned that it won ‘Car of the Show’ on Friday, and that it was one of 11 left in the world.

Other highlights included several GT40s on display, and a Jaguar XJ-9 with the iconic Silk Cut livery. There was also a charity fundraiser from Sporting Bears Dream Rides, giving fans the opportunity to experience what it feels like to be driven around in cars such as the McLaren 720S, or even a Lancia Stratos.

To add to the incredible day we were having, another superb moment came in the form of the one and only Richard Hammond, who happily posed for photos with a large number of fans.

There were also countless demonstrations, market stalls with everything you can think of, good food venues and quitter places to catch your breath and rest your feet for a moment. If we’ve learned one thing from visiting this year – it is to book for two days instead of one next year. With so much to do and see, we’ll want to take our time and explore even more.

For anyone who has not been to the NEC in Birmingham yet – you can get there by car, train, plane or bus. We decided to drive, and the venue is clearly signposted and major routes include the M42, M40 and M6 and despite several big events this weekend, parking was easy to find. We paid in advance and it only cost £12.85 for the day.

Tickets for this event were around the £35.00 mark for adults per day, £22.50 for children 5 – 15yrs old, and those under 5 went for free. As family events go, this will be worth every penny.

The Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show was an absolute highlight among the countless car shows and events we have been to and will be without a doubt one that we will prioritise in the years going forward. It was truly special to see a piece of history in this way.

Rating: This is one of the easiest 5/5’s I have ever given as a reviewer.

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