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Reviewed by Anthony & Karen Curson

We arrived at this joint venue of the Premier Inn and Beefeater Grill situated at Moor Mill which is at Bricket Wood near St. Albans on Friday night, the site has plenty of free parking and is close to the M25/M1 so is very convenient for those spending some time in London. Booking in was a simple affair and the staff on hand were patient and friendly. Our room was a family size that had ample room for us and our two children, the beds were very comfy and you would never guess the M25 was a literal stone’s throw away.

The Beefeater Grill next door was once upon a time a water mill, the mill machinery is still in inside by the bar and adds to the ambience of the restaurant which is set out in the style of what the mill may once have looked like, with timber beams, flooring and tools of the trade decorating the room, we found the staff very easy to talk to, chatty without being personal and very conscientious to our needs. During our stay we were able to enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner, we found every meal to be fresh, hot, very well presented, very tasty and competitively priced, we devoured our meals!

We found the facilities in the restaurant to be clean and well looked after, all in all we could not find fault with the venue (hotel & restaurant).

On the Saturday after breakfast we took part in the “Hungry Games “, this was a competition by Beefeater to mark their 40th anniversary hosted by celebrity and “Boss of Beef” Vernon Kay, in which 8 families (of which we were one) competed against each other in fun activities for the opportunity to win a 5* Motor Home holiday worth £5,000!


The games took place in the grounds of the restaurant, which consisted of the mill pond, complete with resident ducks (Including “Henry” a naughty duck who is infamous for giving a cheeky peck to people’s ankles), a well-appointed children’s play area, outdoor dining tables and an expansive garden.

Round one consisted of 3 events:  Wacky Waiter Relay, Blindfold Sundae Challenge and Dinner Splat.

Each event required the families to work together as a team to do the challenges in the best time possible, the Wacky Waiter Relay required us each in turn to deliver a tray of spill-able items across an obstacle course without dropping anything (time penalties apply for spillages).

The Blindfold Sundae Challenge had each member of the team in turn being guided verbally by the rest of the family to an ingredient to add to the sundae whilst being unable to see, this got very messy but was great fun.

Dinner splat required us to make a tripod catapult out of bamboo canes and string and then using it to launch, eggs and tomatoes at a distant target (a misfire resulted in me very narrowly escaping egg on my face!) again a very good laugh.

Regrettably we did not make it into the semi-finals, however we thoroughly enjoyed cheering on the teams that did get through as we had got to know many of the teams as the event went on.

The semi-final pitted the final four teams against each other in a race to the finish, this race involved building a wooden dinosaur on wheels, racing it down the field and back before taking it apart again and claiming a place in the grand final

The final, a go kart race followed by the two remaining teams traversing an obstacle course with the winner taking the grand prize.

The “Hungry Games” themselves were a well thought out and well managed affair, the event staff were good fun and kept it all moving smoothly, The PR team from Frank working on behalf of Beefeater were very easy to talk to and able to make everything go according to plan they were approachable but yet secretive about the coming trials (no matter how much we tried to bribe them). That aside it was brilliant to have time away as a family having fun together and doing something we would never have dreamed of doing (meeting Vernon Kay was also a plus point).

All in all we had a FANTASTIC time, the food and accommodation were first class, nothing seemed too much trouble for the staff, we encountered a lot of staff members and all had the same high level of dedication and professionalism that you would expect from a much more expensive hotel, as I have said previously we cannot find a single fault with our experience and we came home with heavy hearts as it was back to reality.

We would Happily go back to this venue as we had such a good time, we give it a well-deserved 5 out of 5.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

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Beefeater is a British brand that first fired up the grill in 1974, opening the doors to the Halfway House in Enfield and now has over 140 restaurants nationwide. The combination of great steak, friendly service and relaxed surroundings made Beefeater a big hit in Britain in the 70s, 80s and 90s and today is no different. Smiling team members are always on hand to help with any requests and go the extra mile to make customers feel at home. With kids able to eat free at breakfast and enjoy main meals for £1, Beefeater offers the best in value.

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