The Dog Owner’s Guide To Moving In

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Just found your new home? Planning to make a move with the pup? When you’ve got a dog coming along with you, you have to consider their needs when making the move, as well. Otherwise, you could find that being a dog owner in your new home raises some difficulties you might not have expected. Here are a few tips to help both owner and pooch get settled in their new abode.

Consider how you’re going to handle the move

Moving day can be exciting and stressful and, believe it or not, your dog will be feeling a lot of that off you. To put it simply, they can be a little ball of tense energy on moving day, meaning they can get in the way and end up injuring themselves and proving a risk to anyone carrying anything heavy. You could keep your dog in a crate for the majority of moving day, but it might be better to keep them out of the way entirely, such as by finding local pet care or having a family member look after them for you.

Make sure you have the resources you need around

This is best done before you move, but you should ensure that your new home is going to have everything that you need as a pet owner. The number one priority is finding new local vets as soon as possible. You want to introduce your dog to their new doctor before too long. Otherwise, keep an eye out for local pet stores, doggy daycares, see if there are grocery shops near you where you can stock up on dog food and so on.

Help them adjust to the new home

Moving home is a big transition for any animal and you shouldn’t be surprised if your dog doesn’t take to it immediately. They may seem a little down in the dumps, act out, or even regress into some bad habits (such as forgetting their house training). It’s important to help your dog adjust to their new home, just as you might have done when they first moved in with you. Spending more time with them, ensuring they have familiar and comfortable things near them, and a little patience are all required here.

Get out and explore

Most importantly, you want to make sure that when walkies time comes, that both you and your dog get what you need out of it. Getting out and about and finding new walking routes can help both of you get used to new surroundings much quicker than simply sitting in the home. All the new stimuli might see the dog over-excited for a short time, but start creating a routine and they’ll settle into their new home before too long. You can use dog walking apps to make sure that your routes are long enough to give your pup the exercise they need, too.

To avoid any nasty surprises, do your research to make sure your new home has all of the above before you make the move. Keep the tips above in mind and both you and pooch should feel at home in no time.

Collaborative post
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