Dream It, Do It: Six Life Goals That Should Be On Your Bucket List

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In life, we all have goals. These little nuggets of hope that we want to achieve along the route toward the future are what keep us motivated and spurred on to do more with our lives. We fill our time with our dreams, but have you ever considered just doing them, instead of dreaming about them?

The goals that you set for yourself are those that you want to achieve in life, so why not start to action them? Write down a list of what you want for your future, and then start making a plan of how to action these goals. You deserve to have the life of which you map out, and you can start with yourself. With that in mind, let’s take a look at six life goals that should be on your bucket list right now.

A Great Education

The first goal you should always set for yourself is the goal of having a great education. It doesn’t matter if you didn’t get to go to college at 18 with all your friends: think about what you can do right now. The problem with most people is that they spend all their time lamenting not being able to do this and that in the past, but they don’t look at how they can change their present. If you are way beyond college age, it doesn’t mean that a college education is out of your reach. Go back to school and finish Math, learn about percentages and the average of Pi – learn about things you didn’t get the first time around! No one gets school 100% of the time, but you could if you put your mind to it! College is for everyone, and you can go back to school and start again with your high school diploma if necessary. Take night classes, book weekend courses – whatever is necessary to achieve your goal, you can do it when you put your mind to it!

A Fantastic Career

Leading on from getting a great education, you need to consider what you want from your career. Your career will dictate how you live most of your life. For example, a career as a doctor will put you in med school and residency for the best part of a decade. A career as a plumber or mechanic may see you working unsociable and odd hours. You need to decide what type of lifestyle you want, and then you can get your dream career to suit that lifestyle. The key to a great career is determination, and for this you need the right education. Learning opens career doors, so work out what you want and move forward with it from there. You can be whatever you want in life: you just need to put your mind to it!

A Great Love

Okay, so before you lynch us for suggesting a life goal should be love, we don’t just mean romantic love. Your life needs to be filled with love to be happy, and you should aim for that as much as possible. Surround yourself with a solid social circle, and make sure that the people you surround yourself with are good people who a loyal and care for you. Life is not a good one without good people who are there for you every step of the way. Sure, you may win a romantic love, marriage and even a family, but until you try, you won’t know. Surround your life with love and watch how things unfold for the better for you. You won’t ever regret enjoying life with other people; we’re not destined to be lonely.

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Your Own Home

We always see it in the fairytales: the prince and princess own a castle happily ever after. In your life, you will always want at least one thing of your own that you can rely on as you age. The one thing that you should always aim for is a home of your own, but no one said that was going to be easy! Getting on the property ladder is notoriously difficult, and you have to be ready to save up a huge deposit before you put down money on a new house. Owning your own home will one day give your children leverage and a legacy, and this is something most parents aim for. It also allows them the chance to have a backup should they need to sell their home one day. Aiming for a mortgage in a dream home? Well, that gets you your castle.

The Chance To Travel

There is a very big, wide world out there and while it doesn’t seem like it right now, you will one day wish you had gone to see it. You will wish you had soared in great heights and enjoyed the crash of the oceans that are on a far-flung side of the world. You should dream about different cuisines, lifestyles, music, festivals, architecture: it’s all out there for the taking, and you can go and see it as much as you like! No matter where you want to go, there is a train, plane or boat to get you there. We are privileged to now live in a world which is more open than ever before. Spread your wings and fly; it’s time.

Excellent Health

Lastly, you should always aim for good health on your bucket list. Living a life that looks after your body is so important, and you cannot achieve that while you are smoking, drinking and taking drugs. By all means, enjoy life in the way that you wish, but do it with your future in mind. How you treat your body right now will reflect later on in life. Aim to eat a colourful, balanced diet, and keep moving. The more you move, the more you can work on your fitness. You deserve a life of full health, both physical and mental. It is right there in the palm of your hand.

Collaborative post
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