The Creation Station South Lanarkshire Review

CreationStationThe Creation Station
South Lanarkshire

Reviewed by Michelle Macpherson

My two year old daughter Abbie and I both got the chance to visit and participate in two Creation  Station classes in Strathaven, South Lanarkshire with the lovely Clare Docherty.

The Creation Station concept is a great one – it teaches children to develop their imagination through the exploration of craft and messy play. We took part in two Little Explorer sessions which are classes aimed at children aged 1 year old to 5 years old. The classes work round a theme and at the moment this is “shimmering shapes.”

The sessions started with a song and Clare welcomed each child by name which was a nice touch (even Abbie who hadn’t been before). We were very warmly welcomed by both Clare and the other parents. We both instantly felt like a valued member of the group. The children then got to explore a box of items which they get into using magic words which Abbie found very exciting.

In the first session, the box contained different squares, triangles and circles and the children got the chance to sort the shapes into piles of matching shapes. In the second session, the box contained circles and we folded and cut them to teach them about semicircles.

After this the children get to do messy play. In the first session, Abbie made a shape person using paper shapes and decorated it using a vast array of different craft materials, paint, glue, foil, feathers and cardboard to name but a few. In the second session Abbie made a hat, using cardboard, paint with brushes and dabbers, paper streamers, ribbon and collage materials. The children are encourage by Clare to use whatever materials they wish and are allowed to choose their own with no restrictions on how many colours or types of materials they use. I must admit I found this very pleasing and Abbie had a ball.

The classes have so many great learning opportunities! In just two sessions; Abbie looked at 4 different shapes, a whole variety of colours, a variety of techniques including painting, cutting, sticking, choice making and creativity. I cannot praise Clare’s interaction, enthusiasm and manner with the children (even when Abbie got the major grumps in session one, she was comforting to Abbie and reassuring to me.)

The Creation Station is definitely one of the best things I had attended with either of my children. We will definitely be back and will recommend to everyone.

Big thanks from myself and Abbie!!

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

For more information or to book sessions:
Telephone 0844 824 4532


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