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BRYTmoisturiserBRYT Skincare
Moisturiser for Him

Reviewed by David Daubney

The first thing I noticed about the BRYT Skincare Boys Moisturiser was the vibrant and modern box it came in. It was eye catching and if I had seen it on a shelf in a shop I would definitively have stopped to have a look. There is a lot of information on the box explaining about the BRYT Skincare brand, the ingredients used and the formula. It also advises how the brand thinks the product is best used and why.

When you open the lid to the box it is nice as there are three simple quotes on each of the flaps, promoting a healthy lifestyle, not just healthy skin.

The container itself is pump action and so very easy and clean to use. It is also clear to see how much moisturiser is left in the bottle so you know when to stock up with another!

The moisturiser itself is quite silky to the touch and very smooth to apply, I did find though that it did take a little extra effort applying over bristles. Once applied it’s didn’t make my face look or feel shiny or greasy. A small amount of the moisturiser did go a long way, so I can imagine the 50ml tube would last a relatively long time. The moisturiser is priced at £16.00 which I do think is a little high, I regularly use a well-known brand of moisturiser which is a third cheaper to the BRYT moisturiser. The price would potentially dissuade me from changing, although you do get an extra element to the BTYT moisturiser as it contains SPF 15 sun blocker, as the summer nears this would be a convenient 2 in 1 application.

I found the moisturiser to have a distinct scent, clean and fresh but a little medicinal, this may be the bergamot and peppermint. Bergamot is a scent that I personally shy away from as it’s not to my taste, this wouldn’t stop me using the moisturiser though as the scent does dissipate after a short time.

I can imagine this product appealing to boys and men of all ages.

Would I buy BRYT moisturiser? Yes, but it would have to be on offer or at a reduced price.

Would I recommend to friends? Yes, the BRYT moisturiser is a product that would comfortably fit into a daily regime, I would suggest it for friends to try as it may suit their personal preferences over mine.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £16

Available to buy from BRYT Skincare here.

4 Star

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