The Bluebeards Revenge Male Grooming Review

Reviewed by Alexis Randall

Many months ago, I decided I had reached a stage in my life where I should grow a beard. Little was I to know, genetics played a huge part of this journey and I was later found out then even my genes have beards. I seemed to have hair follicles everywhere and I’m now the proud parent of a beautiful beard the colour of fire. Naturally I’m keen to protect it and I’m pretty fussy about what I put in it. If you’re looking for affordable and great smelling beard care products then look no further, The Bluebeards Revenge have everything you need to look and smell like a bundle of amazing. 

This review contains the following products:

The Bluebeards Revenge Soap Stack
1 x Classic Ice Soap (175g)
1 x Big Blue Bar of Soap for Blokes (175g)
1 x Cuban Gold Soap (175g)

The Bluebeards Revenge Grooming Kit
1x Classic Blend Beard Oil (50ml)
1x Travel Beard Brush

The Bluebeards Revenge Soap Stack

Let’s have a look at The Bluebeards Revenge Soap Stack soaps first. They come well wrapped to keep them fresh and with each being 175g in size there is enough soap to keep you smelling great through an apocalypse or maybe an ice age. The Soap Stack Kit is priced at £13.99 delivers three bars of soap.

Let us start with the Big Blue Soap. It’s got a really clean scent to it. Definitely one for the morning before you start your day. I used this before a 12-hour shift in a sweaty office and I could still smell it on my body when I came home later that day. It’s really hard to describe the scent, I can’t say I’ve been fortunate enough to use anything quite like it before, but I’d describe it as fresh and minty. 

The Cuban Gold Soap is carved straight from a soap rock that can only be found in paradise. It has a really rich and warm smell and lathers up well. Straight from a bath on a cold winters evening after using this soap and I smelled like a Cuban Demi-God (probably). The Bluebeards Revenge have created a masterpiece and I only wish that I could also get this as a beard oil or an aftershave. 

The Classic Ice Soap is another really clean smelling soap, it looks like a giant mint and smells so good I’m almost tempted to lick it (I haven’t, yet). This another go to soap if you want to smell like you’ve just got out of the shower, all day. 

The packaging the soap comes also contains a wealth of information encouraging men to look after themselves. It explains about three different types of Cancer and what to look for with the support of ORCHID which are a registered charity providing a range of support services. There is a general amusing overtone to everything The Bluebeards Revenge have produced with the soap and raising awareness of the Cancers men can experience is a welcome addition as it brings it to the forefront of your mind and I hope it encourages more men to make regular checks. 

The Bluebeards Revenge Grooming Kit

Beard Grooming Kit

I’ll begin by talking about The Ultimate Beard Oil for Men. It comes in a large blue glass 50ml bottle and smells incredible. The first thing I noticed about this beard oil is how different it was to anything else I have experienced so far. This is a perfect addition to all of the soaps but especially The Big Blue Soap for Blokes. Again, there is a citrus undertone to it, and it smells better than some colognes I own. Not many people smell my beard (unsurprisingly) but I do, and I do it more often as a result of this oil. It doesn’t just smell great, it looks healthier as well. It tames the stray hairs and keeps the skin underneath in good condition. Scratching madly at my chin produced no mad tumble of dry skin on to my clothes while using this and I’ll definitely be asking for more for Christmas. The packaging of the Beard Oil also covers important topics about Mental Health. It recognises the important relationship between you and your Barber and also the details for the Samaritans. I absolutely love how this has been included. The fact they are helping people talk should be applauded.  

The beard grooming kit (RRP: £23.99) also contains a travel Beard Brush. For those with smaller beards you may not appreciate just how invaluable this tool is. For anyone with more than two inches of growth, you need this in your life. It’s very well made for something so small with a solid wood top with the company logo etched in and bristles that seem securely attached. In the days I’ve been using this I’ve never noticed a stray bristle lost in my beard which is great, I’m pretty sure the brush will last many years without falling apart. The bristles are soft but do an incredible job of keeping removing excess oil from your facial hair whilst keeping it looking straight and well groomed. This sits in my pocket or my bag now and I no longer have to fear high winds and damp days! 


If you are unsure about needing these products in your daily cleaning routine, the short answer is, you do. For the bearded among us who like to look like we’ve grown a beard on purpose, these products will keep you looking and smelling great. I’ve already written my letter to Santa (told the kids) that I want more of the same for Christmas this year. It’s refreshing to find a company producing fresh scents at affordable prices. I noticed while writing this review that they also do aftershaves so they’ll be on the Christmas list as well! 

Rating: 5/5

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