The Basil Brush Show at The Studio Bradford Review

BasilBrushTourThe Basil Brush Show
The Studio, Bradford

19 September 2015


Reviewed by Nikki Fraser

Yesterday I was taken back to my childhood and got to watch one of my old favourite TV characters. The legendary Basil Brush, the mischievous fox puppet that has been making children and parents alike laugh out loud with all his super hilarious adventures for over 50 years.

My family and I went to watch The Basil Brush show – The Full on Fox tour 2015 at The Alhambra Studio theatre in Bradford. The theatre is a small and cosy theatre behind the grand Alhambra. The stage was only small and the seating rows came off straight off from it, which meant that people sat on the first row were part of the action of the show.

The main cast consisted of Chris Pizzey who plays Mr Stephen and the charming Basil Brush there was another actor who played the theatre manager Mr Snell, who gets hypnotised by Basil’s evil fox nemesis as he is trying to sabotage the show and get it cancelled and become the best fox in show business.

Luckily Mr Stephen and Basil are able to improvise and put on a great, energetic show that is very interactive and has the audience cheering, clapping, feet stamping and chanting, even if sometime we were under threat of water spray if we weren’t loud enough. When the show got children out of the audience to go take part my son was one lucky enough to be chosen and ended up winning some sign pictures of Basil and Mr Stephen – it was a very proud mummy moment.


The show was great and all my children enjoyed dancing and laughing the whole way through, even my 11 year old was joining in and said he loved the show.

I would happily recommend this show to anyone with school age children.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

Basil Brush and The Full On Fox Tour 2015 is currently on tour around the UK until 22 November 2015. For more information or to book tickets at a venue near you visit www.basilbrush.com.

For other shows at The Studio in Bradford visit www.bradford-theatres.co.uk.

The Studio, Morley Street, Bradford, BD7 1AJ | Box Office 01274 432000


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