Tesco Roast Dinner Review


Tesco Roast Dinner for under £10


Reviewed by Dorothy White

I went to Tesco this morning and bought a Tesco whole chicken for £4.00 which cooked at gas mark 5 in just under two hours. Tesco frozen cauliflower £1.20, Tesco frozen baby carrots £1.00, Tesco frozen roast potatoes £1.25 and 4 large onions for 85p, Tesco Frozen Strawberry Cheesecake £1.50.

For £9.80, plus a couple of things from the cupboard or freezer we had a roast dinner & dessert with plenty left over.

I cut up an onion and placed it inside the body of the chicken with some sage. While the chicken was cooking I cut up the onions and put them on to boil, I grated 8 slices of 50/50 stale bread with 4 tsp of dried sage and seasoning. Once the onions were soft I mixed them with the breadcrumbs and put the mixture in the oven ~ homemade stuffing, so easy.

The roast potatoes went into the oven for the last 30 mins, I had to move the chicken to the bottom of the oven as the potatoes needed a much higher heat.

While the cauliflower was cooking I made a cheese sauce.  I then put the cauliflower in an ovenproof dish with the cheese sauce over the top and that went in the oven next to the stuffing.

That only left the baby carrots, plus a few peas from the freezer, to do when the rest was almost ready.

The chicken was delicious, so moist and tender with plenty of crispy golden brown skin. The cauliflower cheese didn’t brown as much as I'd hoped but nevertheless was delicious. The baby carrots were tender and sweet. My only concern were the roast potatoes, as the bag contained a variety of different sized potato pieces, the larger ones were still a little hard when the smaller ones were cooked. Some Tesco instant gravy and we were ready!

The cheesecake ~ well that just had to be defrosted and eaten!

All in all a delicious Sunday roast for three for less than £10 and enough chicken left over for sandwiches or another meal.

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