Demi John Review

Demi John Villa Montabano Virgin Olive Oil


It’s a fresh vibrant olive oil, it’s a vivid green colour with a good texture. It taste so light, fresh and grassy and can be used to bring salads alive on its own with a bit of pepper, or add the raspberry vinegar to make a delicious dressing. Comes well packaged with paper round the Demi John bottle. It would also make a nice present.



Demi John Raspberry Vinegar


This comes well packaged with paper round it would look good as a present. The raspberry vinegar is slightly sweet but doesn’t have an overpowering vinegar taste or smell. It’s a lovely raspberry colour. There are lots of uses for this vinegar you can use it for salad dressings, use as a sauce over ice cream, and also use instead of soya sauce. You can also add to sparkling water to make a refreshing summer drink (apparently drunk 50 years ago after ladies tennis matches) have tried this and not too bad, I wouldn’t think it was raspberry vinegar.  

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