Our Morrisons Christmas Dinner Review

Our Morrisons Christmas Dinner

Reviewed by Michelle Wright

What a festive feast we had! With our plates piled high and our mouths watering, we sat down to review the complete Christmas Dinner which I had cooked that afternoon…

As I have gotten older, cooking large meals doesn’t daunt me, but I have to say that I am amazed at how simple this delicious meal was to make!

The joint of turkey, stuffed with a cured and smoked pork tenderloin and then covered in pork rind was absolutely delicious. It took around 3 hours to cook and when done was succulent and tender and pleasingly didn't shrink very much at all.

Half an hour before the joint was due to come out of the over I boiled the fresh parsnips and added the goose fat roast potatoes and pigs in blanket into the oven.

The bag of the Brussels sprouts was pierced and put in the microwave for 5 minutes… And at the same time I added frozen garden peas to a pan… and they were ready! As simple as that.

We added the fresh carton of Morrisons gravy to the pan and warmed it whilst everything else was finishing off and the joint was being carved.

The meal was absolutely delicious… The joint was tasty and tender, the parsnips crisp and sweet, the roast potatoes were crunchy on the outside and fluffy in the middle, the pigs and blankets were delicious (so much so, that I had a very guilty looking 6 year old as some of the pack of 12 didn't actually make it onto our plates)!

The gravy was delicious but I do prefer my gravy a little thicker, but of course this can be easily changed if your taste is the same as mine…

Overall I would say that I would highly recommend every part of the Morrisons Christmas meal… It was tasty, plentiful and very easy and stress free to put together a whole family dinner!

Christmas dinner couldn't be simpler, and if you go to you can even use Morrisons Christmas pre-order service to take the stress out of the main event!

This mum loves Morrisons!

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