Tesco Finest Meals Review


Reviewed by Shelly Harper

I was lucky enough to be asked to review some of the Tesco Finest range so myself and my 11 year old daughter popped to our local store and got our dinner for the evening.

Tesco Finest King Prawn Spaghetti
Made with succulent king prawns in a rich and indulgent tomato sauce with their own fresh roasted langoustine stock, brandy and just a hint of chilli, I have to say Tesco Finest King Prawn Spaghetti has to be one of the best microwave meals I have ever tasted in my life.

There were plenty of prawns and the sauce was rich, full of flavour and simply delicious. Whilst there is a hint of chilli, it is not overpowering and just provides the dish with a bit of heat which I loved.

I believe this particular meal is meant for 2 people to share along with a side accompaniment but I loved it so much, I scrapped the side order and ate all of the Tesco Finest King Prawn Spaghetti myself.

I personally am not really a fan of microwave meals and tend to only purchase them as a last resort but I can honestly say that the quality of this Tesco Finest King Prawn Spaghetti has totally changed my opinion and if I hadn’t of known it was a microwave ready meal, I would have assumed it had been freshly cooked!

Being from the Tesco Finest range, I also expected this meal to be expensive but that was not the case being priced at less than £5.00. It’s fair to say I will definitely be buying this meal again and will endeavour to try other products within the range.

Tesco Finest Spaghetti Carbonara
My daughter opted for the Tesco Finest Spaghetti Carbonara made with egg spaghetti, Speck Crudo Ham, Smoked Pancetta and Pecorino and Reggiano Hard Cheese as Carbonara is one of her all-time favourite meals.

Despite ham and Pancetta being one of the main ingredients in any Carbonara dish, I usually have to pick this out for her as she is not a huge meat fan but on this occasion she ate the lot which is very rare for my fussy eating daughter.

The Tesco Finest Spaghetti Carbonara was slightly cheesy, a little salty and very creamy with the exact right amount of sauce to spaghetti so neither component of the dish was overpowering the other and my daughter described it as simply ‘yummy’.

When I asked her if she would have Tesco Finest Spaghetti Carbonara again, her response was “we need to add it to our next shopping list!” So if my fussy 11 year old says that she would eat this again, it must be good.

Rating: 5/5

For more information see in store or visit www.tesco.com.

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