Morrisons Chocolate Bombe Review

Morrisons Chocolate Bombe

Reviewed by Michelle Wright

This delicious looking dessert is 100% up my street! Chocolate, chocolate topped with chocolate!

The description on the box isn’t far off that to be honest; Milk chocolate mousse with a hidden dark chocolate truffle mousse centre, covered in cocoa powder and sprinkled with chocolate covered popping candy!

Sounds heavenly… and it was! This party product with 10 servings was devoured quickly with a consensus of opinion that we all LOVED it but as my seven year old daughter pointed out, we were a little disappointed with the lack of popping candy 🙁

The only other point I would like to make was that the instructions said to leave to defrost at room temperature for 15 minutes – after this amount of time we still couldn’t get the knife through it, and we ended up waiting for a total of 30 minutes instead.

Still, there was amble dessert for 7 of us – and we would certainly recommend this festive treat to friends and family!

RRP: £4

Rating: 4/5 – needs more popping candy!

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