Taf Toys All Around Me Gym Review


Reviewed By Cath Joyce

The Taf Toys All Around Me Gym comes in a large cardboard box with a plastic window so you can easily see what the gym is like before you buy it. There is plenty of information on the box and it shows how the baby gym grows with your child and the different ways it can be used at each stage of growth.

When my sons were babies the baby gyms were quite basic, ours just had 3 dangling toys and didn’t have an inbuilt mat. I think this design is a huge improvement on what we had and my friend was thrilled when I gave it to her. She has a 6 week old daughter who will get plenty of use out of the baby gym and also a 2 year old son who has been trying out all the toys too!

The colours of the baby gym are neutral so it is perfect for both boys and girls. The gym consists of a mat with fabric covered arches which have fabric loops to which the various toys can be attached. It is very easy to attach the toys to the fabric loops and whilst a 2 year old was quite capable of putting them on and off a baby won’t be able to. The gym is very well made, the plastic clips that attach to the arches are securely attached to the toys and the mat is very well stitched with no loose threads to be seen. The mat is large and nice and padded, it can be used with or without the arches and is quite easy to put up and down so perfect for taking to grandparents.

The baby gym has six activities, including the crinkling “Sensi Center.” With 4 attachment options it encourages a baby to practice a variety of body positions and also encourages them to reach and kick out. This “Sensi Center” covers two developmental stages, stage 1 (0-3 months) high contrast illustrations – the mainly black and white pictures stimulate visual development. By focusing on these colours a baby helps train their vision by teaching the eye muscles and brain to coordinate and function properly. By the time they reach 3+ months (stage 2) they are starting to respond to colour and the other side of the “Sensi Center” has a selection of coloured animals on it.

The “Sensi Center” encourages the baby to lie in four different ways.

1. Attach it to the top of the gym and have your baby lying on their back
2. Horizontal position for side lying and head turning
3. Vertical position for baby’s kick and play
4. Floor position for tummy time play

As well as the “Sensi Center” there are five additional multi-sensory hanging toys.

1. A rattling Kimmy Koala with a baby teether attached. The koala has crinkly ears and a pouch on it’s front which the teether toy can be put into.
2. Scotty the snail toy who also rattles. He also has a chunky plastic teether attached.
3. A mushroom with a baby safe mirror.
4. A butterfly rattle with colourful beads inside
5. A musical toy with colourful lights, this does need 2 x AAA batteries which aren’t included, so if you are buying this as a gift you may want to buy a couple of batteries too. This has a pull cord and plays three different tune, a soothing melody, a water stream sound and playful melody with colour changing soft lights. This was my friend’s son’s favourite part of the gym, he kept pulling the cord to get it to play, luckily the melodies are not too irritating! This toy has a Velcro strap so can be attached to other things, my friend attached it to her buggy and car seat.

The mat can be hand washed, which of course is very important with babies!

I think this baby gym is a fantastic investment for any new baby, it grows with the child and is a good size with plenty of toys to keep a baby’s interest.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £69.99

This product can be purchased from Amazon here

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