Swiss Kiss Advent Calendars Review

Reviewed by Sally Carter

I was lucky enough to receive 3 beautiful advent calendars from Swiss Kiss; Evensong at St Paul’s and London Landmarks are based on original textile pieces by Brighton based artist, Heidi Rhodes and Foodie Fun is by Hertfordshire artist and illustrator Julia Rigby. There are 3 other designs available; 4 of these designs are also available as chocolate advent calendars and all 7 designs are available as smaller Christmas Card style advent calendars too. These 3 particular designs have a lovely Christmassy feel without any religious content, however I believe some of the others follow a more traditional nativity style with biblical quotes.

At approximately 290mm square these quality card advent calendars each have 24 doors to open, with the Christmas Eve door being twice the size of the others. The cardboard is of mixed origins from ‘responsible sources’, endorsed by the FSC and made in the UK. Information on the artist responsible for the design can be found on the back of the calendar along with the Dementia UK Logo, who these calendars are sold in support of.

The printing, colours and designs are crisp, bold and enticing. The perforated doors are easy to open, and pull off cleanly if you decide to rip them all the way off. Behind the door of the Heidi Rhodes calendars are interesting facts about the subject matter (St Paul’s Cathedral or General London facts) and the Julia Rigby calendar contains food based jokes which kept my daughter and I amused for ages! The pictures behind the doors are in the same style as the main artwork and just as detailed and exquisite. They are enjoyable works of art and I would be inclined to discover more about both artists; however, these are a one off, disposable advent calendar designed for one seasons use.

Priced at £6.50 and in support of the Dementia UK association (although they don’t state how much they are giving to charity) these are at the luxury end of the market but, I would say, worthwhile.

I give the Swiss Kiss Advent Calendars 4 out of 5 stars. They are beautiful, but expensive and cannot be reused.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £6.50

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