10 Amazing Alternative Garden Planter Ideas

Gardens are a fantastic way to reflect your personal style, and alternative planter ideas can enable you to add quirkiness to your garden. No matter how you choose to add uniqueness to your garden, you always need to take care in your gardening. First Tunnels offer great materials and advice for you to get the best out of your greenery. Mix your expertise with great equipment and advice when planting some alternative planters and you’ll have an exclusive garden.

Read below for some inspiration on alternative garden planters.

1. Wheelbarrow

Avid gardeners are sure to have a wheelbarrow. Unfortunately, even the sturdiest wheelbarrow is likely to break if it is used often. If you have an old wheelbarrow, why not consider giving it a revamp and turn it into an alternative planter? For a more used look, keep the wheelbarrow as it is. For a brighter and more fun look, give it a lick of colourful paint. Take the wheels off your wheelbarrow and pop in some of your favourite plants for a great visual piece.

2. Old Boots

Old Boots or wellies can look great as planters! For a fabulous contrast, use an old, dull pair of boots with some colourful flowers inside. They’ll look great.

3. Jars

Mason jars have become very trendy. You’ll see them filled with drinks, lights, sauces, cereals, and more. If they’re good enough for hip cafes and bars, they’re certainly good enough for your plants. You don’t have to only use Mason jars. Another great idea would be to use any old jars that are heading for the bin. Decorate them for an extra special touch; better yet, ask your kids and grandkids to decorate them for you.

4. Teapots

For a quirky Alice in Wonderland feel, head over to your nearest charity shop and pick up some old teapots and teacups. Practically every charity shop has some old crockery that would look great with some lovely flowers and plants inside.

5. Tins

Tins can look absolutely incredible with small plants and flowers inside. If you decide to use old tins, keep in mind that they will rust very quickly if kept outside where it rains a lot. If this is the look you’re going for – great! If the sight of rust bothers you, keep your tin plant pots inside.

6. Baskets

Hanging baskets will always look beautiful. If you’re a fan of hanging baskets, you should consider purchasing some flat-bottomed baskets as alternative garden planters. They are usually reasonably cheap, so are a great way to add a pretty touch to your garden.

7. Birdbath

Birdbaths look beautiful in the garden, but can sometimes crack. If you have a birdbath that is leaking, but you don’t have the heart to throw it away, turn it into a beautiful planter! The process of transforming your birdbath into a planter is quite straightforward, but if you want to make it a large project, you can decorate and paint it for a very fun upcycling project.

8. Candle Holders

Candles that come with their own candle holder/jar are more often than not, thrown away. Don’t let them go to waste next time. Instead, make mini flower pots. They even make great gifts for your friends and family.

9. Oven Dishes

Oven pans and dishes are a good idea to use in your garden if you need a shallow (but not too shallow) plant pot. If you don’t mind the generic black colours of these dishes and pans, just drill a few holes in them for drainage and you’re good to go. If black isn’t really your style, get creative in customising them.

10. Watering Cans

Watering cans are a perfect way to add a quirky touch to your garden. They are designed to be weatherproof in many cases, so if this is a concern for you, and you don’t want to deal with weatherproofing your alternative planter yourself, you should opt for an old watering can.

This list only covers a few alternative garden planter ideas; if you look around as you go about your daily life, you’ll be inspired by many other things. Rummage through old cupboards, check out local markets and stalls, shop in different second-hand stores and charity shops, and let your imagination run away with itself. You’ll soon be thinking of your own weird and wonderful alternative garden planters.

Whatever you decide to plant in, remember to line and drain your plant pots appropriately so that your plants and flowers can grow beautifully.

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