Sweetdreams Choc Nibbles Review


Reviewed by Shelley Owens

I have a very sweet tooth which was firmly established during the time my Grandparents owned a little corner shop selling good old fashioned sweets in what seemed like “enormous” glass jars and I was lucky enough to be able to take my pick and fill the little white paper bags with whatever I fancied on my visits! Sweetdreams Original Choc Nibbles and Original Toffee Crumble are reminiscent of the type of quirky, individual sweet treats I could choose from and it’s nice to know that there are still some unique products out there that have not only stood the test of time but also have some new and exciting flavours being added to their range.

Our sample packs came attractively packaged in cute little clear cellophane bags with tags tied on with a raffia bow. At first glance these bite size nuggets are not what this chocolate loving nation has come to expect from the many chocolate products out there. Nibbles are not glossy or shiny, these little bite size treats are somewhat rustic in appearance, non-uniform in size and have a powdery finish but wait until you pop one in your mouth… these little guys are a mouthful of crumbly heaven!

Original Choc Nibbles are a combination of chocolate, crushed biscuit, toffee and nuts all rolled into one tiny soft bite. Not quite melt in the mouth, not quite chewy, definitely sugary and infinitely moreish! The sort of flavour that seems familiar but you can’t quite put your finger on it so you need to pop a few more in your mouth to be sure!!

We found the same to be true of the Original Toffee Crumble, these are a little gooier and actually less crumbly than the Choc Nibbles but this is definitely a unique product in its taste, texture and appearance.

Although moreish these are a very sweet chocolate treat and not one to overindulged in, definitely one to have in your pick and mix or pick up a “quarter” as a sweet treat. A new 200g resealable sharing bag has recently been launched, extending their audience and retailers from those using traditional sweet jars.

There are also some fun sounding flavours newly added to the range called Jammie Choc Nibbles (added jam instead of toffee) and also Posh Choc Nibbles which are the original mix but with a shiny milk chocolate outer coating giving them a more familiar finish. These join the already popular Mint Choc Nibbles and Orange Choc Nibbles and the one I really love the sound of, Choc Lick chocolate dust – sounds like Heaven!

Choc Nibbles has a great website which lists local stockists and there are a number of online retailers that you can order from and they also have a Facebook page with product news, offers and competitions. We will be keeping an eye out for the new “Sharing Bag” and in our local traditional sweet shops and hope to try some of their other flavours when we spot them!

These sweets do use ingredients that make them unsuitable for vegetarians and contain a variety of allergens including nuts, soya and wheat so please check the ingredients fully. We give these a 4/5 for being a once in a while, traditional style treat that’s just a little bit different!

Rating: 4/5

For more information and stockists visit www.chocnibbles.co.uk.

4 Star

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