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The Masterclass

Reviewed by Jat Shah

I recently visited The Masterclass ‘Put on the Ritz’ organised by food brand Ritz to introduce their new snack called Ritz Crisp & Thin. The event was held in an amazing London penthouse near Angel tube station with stunning views from its wraparound balcony. The event was attended by many food bloggers and transfer was arranged by the organisers.

The masterclass was provided through a series of 4 possible social or personal events; a barbecue party, a night in with a loved one, dinner with family or friends and a casual social gathering with friends. We were taken through an extremely impressive and inspiring table setting for each of these events and we tried 4 flavours of this incredible new snack by Ritz. Although during the masterclass we tried each of the 4 flavours of this delicious snack with an equally delicious dip and cocktail, I will focus this review on the snack itself.

Ritz Crisp & Thin is an oven-baked potato snack that is, as the name suggests, very crispy and thin. They have perfect thickness with perfect crunch and all the flavours are smooth and enjoyable. Although very different from the classic Ritz crackers, they are seriously tasty.


The Salt & Pepper flavoured snack is generously seasoned with sea salt and black pepper, but not at all overpowering the snack in any way.

The Cream Cheese & Onion flavour has a strong taste of cheese and sweet onions with lots of seasoning visible on the snack.

The Salt & Vinegar one is packed with great malt vinegar flour.

The Sweet Chilli flavour was my favourite. Although the heat of the chilli is subtle, it is also lasting and intensely satisfying.


These are light and elegant snack perfect for any occasions and great with dips or on their own. They are available in 100g sharing bags as well as 30g individual servings. My only criticism would be that because they are so thin and delicate they would need to be transported very carefully. I have a sharing bag of each flavour sitting on my kitchen worktop and I am so looking forward to presenting them to my friends at our barbeque next weekend.

Rating: 4.5/5

RRP: £2.19 (per 100g bag)

Available to buy from Ocado here.

4 half Star

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