Super Wubble Bubble Ball Review

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Super Wubble Bubble Ball

Reviewed by Louise Higgs

I was really happy to receive the Super Wubble Bubble Ball to review.

When I received the Super Wubble Bubble Ball, it was attractively packaged and my little girl was super excited to open it. When we opened it, I quickly realised that ours came with a pump and it required 4x AA batteries (it can also be purchased without the pump). We only had 3 batteries in the house, so an emergency trip to the shops was needed so as not to disappoint the toddler and so we could avoid a melt down!  Once we were back home, I proceeded to try and undo the screw on the battery case of the pump with a knife, as I didn’t have a screwdriver to hand.  It would have been great if a small screwdriver was included in the pack with the electric pump. I then saw in the instruction manual that you needed a cotton wool bud and petroleum jelly in order to pump the ball up. I was a bit frustrated, as we had just been to the shops and really didn’t expect to need any other items in order to blow up the ball.  In our household, we do not use either, as I believe that single use cotton wool buds affect the environment negatively, and we don’t use petroleum jelly as we opt for more natural products. Without the cotton wool bud, you cannot get the valve out without damaging the ball and I presume the petroleum jelly seals the valve or helps the cotton bud go through the valve hole.

I was a bit disgruntled, but I managed to borrow the items from someone. I pumped the ball up to about 50cm, it does go to 80cm, but I didn’t want to over-inflate the Super Wubble Bubble Ball and risk popping the ball. The ball did not take long at all to inflate, which was a bonus.

So, once the ball was finally inflated, my little girl loved playing with it. She has well and truly tested its ‘pop-ability’ and it hasn’t popped yet.

The age suggest 3 years and up, but my 2 year old loves playing with it (under adult supervision) and she can ‘boing’ off it and bounce it around, she loves it. 

We received the blue Super Wubble Bubble, which makes it look like an actual bubble, but it doesn’t behave like a bubble. The Super Wubble Bubble Ball is super stretchy and really light, so it is easy for my toddler to pick up and throw all by herself. My little girl picks it up by grabbing handfuls of the squashy ball in her fingers, and her fingernails have yet to pop it, so I would definitely say that given my experience, it is a durable material, even though it feels quite thin!

I would recommend the Super Wubble Bubble Ball for younger children, it would be great to play with as the springtime approaches in your garden, as long as you keep it away from sharp objects! I would definitely give it as an Easter gift instead of an Easter egg, as it is a fun outdoors present. When buying the Super Wubble Bubble make sure that you have all the items needed to blow it up, to avoid any disappointment!

Rating: 4/5

RRP: from £9.99 without pump / £24.99 with pump

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