Suneez Kids Sunglasses Review


Reviewed by Tracey Stoker

When it comes to buying kids sunglasses, what do you go for? I know my son goes for how they look and the design on them and I often look at the cost as he tends to break them quite quickly by pulling them and the cheap ones, well they snap easily. What I do know is that I want a pair that protects his eyes from the sun and I’m willing to pay more for a pair that do this.

 So when I saw these from Suneez, on paper they seem to tick all the boxes. Firstly they come in 6 designs so he had a choice of which he wanted. The glasses are one size and are aimed at ages 5-12 years. They are sized on the lens, bridge and arms. The lengths are as follows:

Lens Width – 46mm

Bridge Width – 16mm

Arm Length – 130mm

The other things that drew me to these glasses were that one; they are advertised as virtually unbreakable. They are made from a flexible material allowing them to bend with snapping! So hopefully no more buying numerous pairs to last him throughout the summer. And two; these sunglasses block 100% of harmful UVA/UVB rays up to and including UV400. The lenses are also polarized for crystal clear images.

The delivery time on the glasses was also very quick and when they arrived, they were well packaged. My son couldn’t wait to open them. Once opened, we found they come in their own box with a micro fibre carry pouch which also doubles as a cleaning cloth. He loved the colour and they look very grown up, just like adult glasses which at nearly 10 years old I really liked. He’s at that in between stage of not wanting kid’s character design glasses but adult glasses are too big for him so these were perfect. They also come with a matching silicone strap for your child to put round their neck so they won’t lose them by them falling off. This was a bit fiddly to put on but once on, it’s really secure and hasn’t come off once. I thought this was a great idea as how many times, has your child just took them off without you noticing and left them somewhere and then you have to buy another pair!

And are they unbreakable? Looks like it. My son is quite robust and very clumsy so he has stretched these glasses by the arms and they just bounce back into shape, no snapping. He’s also sat on them more than once and they are fine. The lenses are really strong and haven’t popped out. And there is no more leaving them anywhere as he wears the neck strap all the time and he says this is quite comfy. He also says they are nice and dark on so more sun in his eyes getting in his eyes. He really likes these glasses and can’t wait to take them on holiday with him.

So, are these glasses worth the price tag of £25? I would say yes, definitely. You won’t be disappointed.


RRP: £25.00

This product is available to buy from Suneez here.

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