Sugar Coated – Leg Hair Removal Kit Review


Reviewed by Nina Chester

At my time of life, my relationship with my hair has become difficult, it sprouts from my head the wrong colour, grey and curly, from my chin, grey and coarse, my underarm and legs simply doing their own thing. Shakespeare might have thought shrew taming was difficult, he obviously hasn’t been a post-menopausal woman, if he was his comedies would have been funnier and his tragedies, hairier. When I was offered the opportunity to tame my very own shrew, small furry and annoying, I leapt at it. The product that I had been chosen to test was, Sugar Coated – Leg Hair Removal Kit. I tend to shy away, if I can, from products that are highly manufactured, but so often, ethical choices come with a price tag that is beyond my reach, however, currently at only £9.99 this seemed somewhat of a bargain.

So, what do you get for your ten pounds? Firstly and most importantly, you get a product that works, although it is designed specifically for the legs on which it gave great results, the accompanying instruction leaflet also gave instructions for use on other body areas and it did work extremely well on my underarms. It is exceptionally simple to use just remove the lid and pop the tub into the microwave, for my microwave’s wattage it took 90 seconds but please check the setting for your own machine.
So what exactly is this magic product? It is simply and surprisingly, sugar, with a little water and rosehip oil. It does not have any wax in it at all, it is simply that its consistency is that of melted wax. It comes supplied with a wooden spatula for the application of the wax and fifteen re-useable sheets, I’m not sure whether these sheets are paper or fabric but they reminded me of tumble dryer sheets.

The technique for application simple and instructions are comprehensive and clearly laid out in the leaflet, but simply put, one uses a spatula to thinly and evenly apply the sugar paste. The smell of which is divine and it took me all my strength to stop me dipping apples, as it so reminded me of toffee apples of my childhood. Once a thin layer has been spread, one pf the sheets needs to be applied and smoothed evenly and firmly, giving a quick tug in the direction of the hair growth quickly and smoothly removes the paper and the offending hairs.

I think for me, the most remarkable thing about this 100% natural, vegan registered, eco friendly product, is it’s water solubility, I mean, it is obvious that sugar is water soluble, however, when seeing what looks like wax on paper wash away, in nothing more than warm water, leaving behind a clean and intact sheet that I just pegged on the line, and on the second application, placed on the radiators, dried to be as good as new.

So to summarise, Sugar Coated leg hair removal kit does exactly what it says on the box, there is sufficient in the 200ml pack for multiple applications and I am hoping that the problems I get with shaving and ingrowing hairs are now a thing of the past, this product is easy to use, and easier to clean away. The drip on the floor dissolved with a damp cloth and the floor and I were ready to face the world again.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £9.99

This product can be purchased from here

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