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Strider Bike UK Announced Winner
Of The Smarta 100 Business Awards

Strider Bike UK has been announced Winner of the Smarta 100 Business Awards 2011.

Strider Bike was started by busy mum Karen Wood in 2010 when she bought two balance bikes from theUSAfor her children. Wherever they went Karen would get amazing comments and a lot of interest from other parents so she decided to start the business over here in the UK and bought some stock.

Ten years ago Karen was involved in driving expeditions around the world that taught her organisation and negotiating skills. Having then come back to the UK, Karen built herself up in her career to be a Medical Sales Rep but after falling pregnant with her second child, she needed a new plan and then she had the eureka moment of Strider Bike UK.

The award ceremony held on the 21 September 2011, at the O2 Arena was attended by a host of the top entrepreneurs including Deborah Meaden. The final leader board positions were decided by the public who cast over 40,000 votes and it was announced Strider Bike UK was 23rd out of the 100 winners declared this year.

Karen quotes ‘I never thought I would be in this position and I am overwhelmed to be announced Winner of the Smarta 100 Awards as this helps us realise how far we have come as a family (we all help!) in the business. To finish 23rd overall was a huge achievement for us and we are so grateful to all our past customers, we think everyone that has bought a bike from us must have voted to achieve this result.”

To learn more about Strider Bike UK  and these amazing bikes please visit or call them  on 01926 339107 or 0800 6440648 “We love talking about our bikes and are happy to advise parents on the correct helmets and equipment for their children”

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