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Strictly Briks Review

Reviewed by Lauren O’Hara

We love LEGO in our house, it’s the number 1 toy both my boys play with day after day. Other toys are played with a few times and then left untouched for weeks but not LEGO. We have tried some of the different brands of building blocks that claim to be compatible and they just aren’t nearly as good. They don’t quite fit or aren’t as strong and it just wasn’t worth it anymore. When given the chance to review Strictly Briks I went into it thinking these would be the same as the others we have tried but I was wrong! 

I was given a choice of two products and I chose the 672 Piece Classic Bricks Building Brick Set (RRP: £24.99) and the Brik Towers Set with 6″ x 6″ Baseplates | 12 Colours (RRP: £19.99). When the box arrived it also had the Strictly Briks Brik Buster Game (RRP: £12.99) which I didn’t notice it on their page originally but am so happy they included this to review. Out of the three products it was definitely our favourite!

The Brik Buster Game is perfect for our family game nights! It is recommended for ages 3+ but with support my 2-year-old could join in and loved it as much as his big brother! They both loved to help build it up and took it in turns to knock a brik out until the whole thing fell over with a CRASH! The game promotes working together and turn taking which is great. My 4-year-old is not very good at losing games (which 4-year-old is?) but he happily played round after round of this game making it a very enjoyable game for our whole family.

Below is a Brik (purple) next to a LEGO (orange). As you can see, they are basically the same. They do feel different in your hand to traditional LEGO, I can’t really pinpoint what is different but my son built with Strictly Briks just the same as he does with his LEGO. On their website,, it states Strictly Briks are ‘100% guaranteed to be compatible and a tight fit with all major brand building brick sets, including LEGO’ and I found this to be 100% true. 

I also loved the Brik Towers set. My son likes to build lots of models and creations and the Brik Tower gave him a place to proudly display them. I chose the rainbow colour set and it is perfect for building, displaying and colour matching.

The main reason I like Strictly Briks compared to LEGO is the price. They are cheaper than LEGO without losing the quality. For example, a 790 piece Classic LEGO set costs £39.99 where the 672 Strictly Briks Classic Set costs £19.99. You are getting basically the same product and spending less which to me is a no brainier!

Based on these three samples would recommend Strictly Briks products. I love the quality and are completely compatible with LEGO. I found it hard to tell the two apart. They are priced less than LEGO without losing quality and appearing cheap. I would rate Strictly Briks 5/5 stars and would definitely be buying more in the future!

Rating: 5/5

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