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Salter DUOsteam Microwave Steamer Review

Food wastage, pre-packaged food, processed food and healthy eating all a big thing these days, you can’t switch on the television news or pick up a newspaper without finding a mention of something to do with food and healthy eating.

So, with that said, I have to admit not eating the healthiest of foods and do use my microwave a fair amount. This isn’t because I don’t want to eat healthier but more to do with not being a great cook, the time it takes to prepare everything (especially if just cooking for me) and the fact that it just a whole lot easier to grab something out of the freezer and throw it in the oven for 20 minutes. So when I was given the chance to try out the Salter DUOsteam Microwave Steamer I was a bit apprehensive but decided I had nothing to lose and would probably get a healthy meal out of it.

The Salter DUOsteam has two stackable tiers that sit on top of a water bowl. The idea is that you place your food such as vegetables and fish into the tiers and cook in the microwave. As the microwave is heating the water to steam cook the food there is no need for unhealthy cooking oils and the food retains a lot more of its natural vitamins and minerals. A simple and easy way of cooking a great tasting, healthier meal – even for the worst or laziest of cooks!

The DUOsteam consists of 4 parts – water bowl, 2 cooking tiers and a lid. While it probably easiest to use in a microwave (at least for me anyway) it can also be used on the hob in 18 and 20 cm saucepans.

Like I mentioned earlier, I’m not a good cook and not really a big lover of fish so I decided to use chicken strips, potatoes and cauliflower just to test it with. The chicken strips are a good size as a lot thinner than a chicken breast so would cook quicker (make sure when cooking chicken that all the juices have run clear). I placed the potatoes and cauliflower in the bottom tier and the chicken in the top (making sure the bottom bowl was filled with water) and placed in the microwave. About 30 minutes later I had a perfectly cooked dinner and tasted great.

The Salter DUOsteam was so simple to use (and easy to clean after use) and the food was well cooked (steamed) and tasted great (the chicken was soft and tender while the potatoes and cauliflower were not too hard). I haven’t used it on the hob yet, and to be honest I don’t think that I will as the microwave is so much easier.

For a quick and healthier meal, the Salter DUOsteam is excellent. And as no cooking oils are used and more of the minerals and vitamins are retained it is a fantastic way of cooking (you can steam most meats and vegetables with ease and can even steam desserts!).

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £39.99 (currently £14.99 on Amazon)

For more information visit www.saltercookshop.com. Available to buy from Amazon here.

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