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Stomp Rocket Junior Glow And Waboba Moonshine Ball Review


Reviewed by H Chan

My son has been asking for a Stomp Rocket set all year and I have been reluctant to purchase one, so when the opportunity came up to try one I was really excited for him. I don’t know why I didn’t buy one sooner, they’re so much fun. Very simple concept, simple pieces, but he played with it for hours and so far every day! It was a huge hit. Looking into it the company Stomp Rocket have won many awards including the Good Housekeeping best toy award and The Creative Child Magazine Game of the Year award.  The foam rockets themselves are very sturdy and so far have kept their shape.

The box itself had the image of the rocket, it was bright and eye catching and my son knew exactly what it was when it arrived from seeing the picture. You should have seen his face! Inside the box was the launch pad, the stand and the rockets which were apparently glow in the dark which seems a lovely feature but you do need it to be very dark for this to work. I’m not sure when my six year old will be outside in the pitch black for this to work (he won’t as there are too many street lights in our area) but it did work well inside. The only down side to this is you have to know where everything is before hand and make sure that everything breakable is out of the way. The rockets do come out fast but they don’t really hurt if they hit you, but they would hurt smaller children or pets if hit on their way up if they caught them in the face. This is unlikely to happen though with supervised play.

The stomp rocket is so easy to put together, my six year old had it out of the box and put together before I had chance to take out the instructions. He knew exactly where all the pieces went and within five minutes he was jumping on the plastic pad which forces the air up into the rockets.

This very simple rocket toy is great on so many levels, supporting STEM learning by encouraging building, the science element in how it works and when it’s best to fly them (thinking wind etc) and great for problem solving (where we can play it safely). Also how much power you put in determines the height and speed of the rocket, it encourages experimenting and my son was so excited to come and tell me what he had discovered. I feel it is very adaptable to many environments, good for in schools and for home learning. Plus it is really fun, I wish I had bought one sooner. I also like how it is controlled by the child too, no batteries and arrives playable within a few minutes.

I would recommend buying a pack of spare rockets, or three, as they do go really high up and disappear over fences. We did use the rocket in the house but I recommend high ceilings, mine really aren’t and they do come out with a lot of force so make sure you have plenty of room if launching in the house.

The company Stomp Rocket have so many different variations on design so there is bound to be something that appeals to your child. The age rating suggests 36 months to 7 years, however my 9 year old was very interested, so was my 12 year old, so I wouldn’t go by their recommended age rating. If you think your child might enjoy it, then go with that rather than the age suggestion.

RRP: It is a very easy 5 out of 5 from me for the Stomp Rocket.

RRP and buy link: You can find it here for £15.99.

I was also sent as part of the review a Waboba Moon Shine ball. This fun looking ball comes in a simple black box. It looks like a little moon and feels quite thick and spongy. This ball looks great and bounces really well, it’s probably the bounciest ball I’ve ever tried and my son absolutely loved it! It bounced off everything and has some height in it!

It is advertised as having a strobe light inside so when it bounces, it lights up. Unfortunately this was the feature which lost the ball it’s stars. As fun an idea as this is, trying to play bouncy ball in the dark with children is difficult, even more so when the ball is the size of a tennis ball and super bouncy so play inside the house is very limited unless you have enough room and surfaces to bounce off. In the garden we struggled to find it after it was bounced as it ended up in bushes and covered in soil but on the tarmac was great, as long as you don’t live near a road.

The light in ours barely worked. Advertised as coming on for 7 seconds activated by a bounce. Occasionally, in less than one in every ten bounces, it worked. Coming on until it hit another surface then it went straight back off again, so no where near 7 seconds, more like less than a second. A little disappointing and although a nice ball and fun to bounce, it loses a lot of it’s excitement if it doesn’t work.

Rating: I give this ball 3 out of 5 stars.

RRP and Buy Link: It is good value for money when looking at the market for balls at £6.99 RRP but it isn’t something I would recommend or buy for the features it advertises. I feel the plainer and simpler balls are much better. (Editor’s note – this is the reviewer’s opinion.  Someone else, of course, could have a different view.)

SRP: £7.99


This product can be purchased from Wicked Uncle here.

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